I am a Noob at Chinese Language

I need help finding the best ways to get started learning.
I work 6 days varying hours at a cram school. I am in Kinmen which means limited options since it is a very small place.

Any suggestions ?

To start, I would recommend purchasing the first book of the Practical Audio-Visual Chinese series: amazon.com/Practical-Audio-V … 9570912375
I believe it also has an accompanying DVD so you can work on pronunciation, listening, etc. You should be able to buy it at any Caves bookstore on mainland Taiwan. Once you master a few basics, start practicing with the locals. Good luck.

Get yourself a spaced repetition flashcard program like Anki or Supermemo. Then download the ChinesePod torrents. There are about 500 different podcasts each about 10-15 minutes long that will teach you a few vocabulary words. Every time you learn a new word put it in your flashcard program. This will get you started and its free.