I am flying to Taiwan to look for a job


Hi all,

I have completed my TEFL course and am actively looking at flights to Taiwan within the next month or so.

I have read many forums/articles which suggest that looking for a job on the ground isn’t the worst case scenario.

Here is my plan:

  • Fly to Taiwan
  • Book a hotel for a week or so before moving to an Airbnb.
  • Approach schools directly with my CV
  • Await interviews

I am wondering if anyone can shed any light on this, whether it a good idea, or I am wasting my time.

I have to mention I do no have teaching experience, but I have 180 hour online TEFL and a BA degree.

Thanks in advance for the help!



You look pretty organized. Just do it.

Also dress smart, makes a good impression (but not a full suit).


You should be alright. I’d also fire off a few applications to some chain schools (HESS, Shane, Giraffe etc) before flying here. Provides more options.


You’ll be all right. I’ve certainly seen less qualified FOBers get jobs here. Just don’t expect anything more than a cram school (buxiban).

FYI, kindergarten jobs are illegal for foreigners here (don’t ask), so turn down any kindy offers. Also be wary of recruiters that throw a ton of offers your way at once, because chances are most will be crap. I’d advise doing what @BiggusDickus said, and just sending off applications on your own. Let us know how it goes!


Thanks for the replies, they have instilled me with confidence.

I am just wondering if you have any tips on teaching demo’s/interview process. Also any cheap Hotels/Airbnb that you have stayed at tat you recommend?



One recent theme on this board seems to be the need of an FBI criminal record check for new teachers, which seems easier to get in the US rather than here. Have a look into this and see if you need to do anything pre-departure.


Yeah, you need an FBI check now, which is a pain in the ass that could take months. If you have a DUI or something on your record, well… you might reconsider coming. This only just started in the last year.

As for interviews, be confident, look sharp, and be able to demonstrate that you’re at least semi-informed about the rules of the English language.


I am based in the U.K and already have my CRB check from Disclosure Scotland

Anyone seeking to get one then here is the link


I am looking forward to heading out to Taiwan.


Don’t be afraid to stay in a hostel. They are (or used to be) a mine of information on teaching gigs and agents call them directly to post jobs. Even 1 or 2 weeks could garner some useful leads/get you orientated.


I think that is what I will do initially. Stay in a hostel for 1/2 weeks then maybe move on to an Airbnb if the search is still ongoing.

In regards to teaching materials/lesson plans etc, are there any resourceful website or books I can invest my time in before I come out?

Thanks :slight_smile:




Update to this thread, I am flying out on 17th, spending a few days in Taipei (if anyone wants to grab a beer) :slight_smile:

Going down to Taichung where I already have a job pretty much lined up, just need to go into the school and make my decision from there.

Exciting stuff


Ah, I remember when I first went to Taiwan to teach English… I hated every moment of my first year and considered leaving every single day. But then, like magic, I suddenly loved my second year, and every year I remained thereafter was progressively better than the last.

Good luck to you! I’m looking forward to reading your updates!


Congrats, be aware you probably won’t change life in Taiwan but Taiwan and its denizens will change yours indelibly. I had a hoot of a time in Taichung.


Taichung… the party capital of Taiwan!
Best of luck to you. You’ll remember the first year on the rock for the rest of your life, both the good and the bad.


I am looking forward to it, I know it will be a struggle in the first year but I think I will get by just fine.

Money-wise, would you say the chances of saving pennies in the first year are relatively small? I am thinking this is the case.


Taiwan’s cost of living is fairly low, especially outside of Taipei, and a typical English teacher salary is very good by Taiwan’s standards, especially if you’re willing to put in overtime. You’ll have a lot of expenditures in your first few months, but you should easily be able to save up money in your first year. You’re definitely at an advantage if you’re in Taichung.


saving dough depends on what your outflow is.
It is very doable, like alankaz says.
Keep your rent low (try to live in apartment with others); don’t go out to western restaurants (not McD’s, but sit-down menu-like restaurants); if you want to go clubbing, drink most of your beer outside at 7-11 before going in; you can travel around Taiwan and still find cheap places like N$600-800 per night.


Errrr…Maybe 15 Years ago.


Ha ha. More likely than not, given that was about the last time I was single and enjoyed the nightlife there.
Anything big change (or was it all because of a few of those club fires)?