I am foreigner and looking for a girlfriend also foreigner

my name is Ivaylo and i am 24 and i am looking for a relationship with a Western female, foreigner. I am from Europe but i have also spent some time in South Africa. I am living near Taipei so i can meet her often. I do not mind to meet Chinese girl but they are a bit shy i suppose. I am sincere, honest and with good feelings only. I am sure we can have fun and enjoy together. Please e-mail me at tassevi@yahoo.com if you are interested. Ivo

YOu may better post this in the foreign politics forum~! :loco:

He posted it in the Dating and Relationships yesterday but was floundered. So he’s trying other fora. Be nice, after all, it is an EVENT that a foreign guy is looking for a foreign girl :smiley:

Try and see what happens. :wink:

Dude, you’re not supposed to be so blunt. The code words are “looking for a language exchange”.

Why not be blunt? At least this guy knows what he wants and is trying to get it. Must be better that sitting at home on a Saturday night listening to Skinny Puppy and fantasising about cutting yourself.
Or maybe not.

Whaddaya think this is, LiveJournal? :laughing:

I wasn’t talking about MYSELF! Of course not. I was only imagining what other sad sods might be doing alone on a Saturday night. At least I went out. I went to Wellcome and bought some almonds. And I only listened to Skinny Puppy for a while…
So there! :raspberry:

It’s a 3-day weekend. Many people are staying in on Saturday and going out on Sunday night.

You shouldn’t be looking for long. There are SO many foreign girls all around the island looking for somebody just like you. Happy hunting! :smiley: