I am proud of my partner because

I have seen the error of my ways. D+R has turned into ‘foreign guys moaning about women.’

Mrs. Hill got a promotion today. So, ‘Big Up’ Mrs. Hill.

Here is a thread to celebrate all the wonderful things about your special someone.

My lady got a promotion, in a big company, where men get promoted first.

(Ball rollling)


She’s wonderful.

Talented, funny and beautiful ( and sooooooooo unlike the other trollops :raspberry:)

Biggie up Mrs Limey!


She has her own ideas and sticks to them.

Thumbs up to Mrs Bassman :bravo:

…that ass…
:bravo: :bravo:

The woman can cook a mean instant noodle meal.

She does laundry and folds them.

Takes care of the pets around the house.

Makes my coffee in the mornings.

Hot as hell.

God I love her.

She doesn’t put up with my bullshit. She can learn from her mistakes. Her smile can outshine the sun. She is the source of all my dubious news.

And because it so truly sums up how I feel:

The Gumper of Amour

She likes to use her mind. To think independently, rather than relying on the pat, standard answer. She doesn’t value shallow mainstream cultural values like chasing after wealth and symbols of wealth. She hates Hello Kitty. She has interests of her own, and doesn’t rely on me 24/7 for her entertainment. She lets me go when I need space. She believes in trying to make a difference, in the value of volunteering. Wow, what a great gal. I hope to meet her soon.

[quote=“914”]The woman can cook a mean instant noodle meal.

She does laundry and folds them.

Takes care of the pets around the house.

Makes my coffee in the mornings.

Hot as hell.

God I love her.[/quote]
I wuz wunderin’ when I’d see a sign o’ appreciation. But ye can fold yer ain shirts fe noo oan! An ye can wa’k the dug yersel’, baheid! As fer yer cappachino in ther mernin’s, ye oan te plums big man! Noodles? Is tha’ sum kninda chinese thaing? Wit the fak er they? I a’ways gees yer fat erse fish’n chips!


Yeah, I done a good thing! People who have responded… Good work!

Yeah, maybe this one won’t hit the briny bottom.

I’m proud of the Jive Hen because of the way she left her job. She was working across the border in Guangdong for a pushy, manipulative prick who showed no appreciation for the hours and effort she put into the job. She never let her temper get the best of her through all of it. All of her subordinates and peers loved her and took her out for numerous dinners and drinks in her last month at work after she gave notice, but her bosses didn’t even have the decency to say good bye, so long, good luck or anything of that sort. One day before she left, her boss asked her to train her replacement. This asshole expected my wife to somehow teach an uppity half-wit country-bumpkin mainlander what it took my wife three months to learn on her own. She was given no help when she came into the job. We’ve since learned that my wife’s replacement has fucked everything up big time. No surprise there.

I’m proud of my wife because even though her bosses treated her like a slave and tried to push her over the edge, she never once gave them the satisfaction. She never lost her temper and told them where to shove it, nor did she shed one tear in frustration while in the office. Rather than burn them when she left, she made every reasonable effort to prepare things for her replacement. Even though she was often verbally abused and stabbed in the back, she didn’t try to get even. Although she knew that it wouldn’t be properly appreciated, she made every effort to do the right thing for a boss who wouldn’t have done the same for her. And after all of this, she isn’t bitter at all. My old lady is one classy dame.

We have a word for that here on Forumosa:

Nah, she really does sound like, as you say, “a classy dame.”

I have to be in agreement. That is a great reason to be proud of the woman!! Shows lots of class and personal strenght!! Give her a cookie!

Don’t wear out you hand patting yourself on the back. I’ve been trying to think of something since you started this thread and nothing. Nada. Zilch.
It’s starting to bug me.

I gave her more than that. :wink:

Reading through this thread I was most impressed by you lads. :notworthy:

So I thought, even though I don’t currently have a SO I’d give a hand :bravo: to my ex. We’re still very good friends even though we’ve been broken up for a year.

So sweetie, (you know who you are) here’s to you…

Her strength of character is impressive, even in the face of great adversity. Her kind and gentle spirit, and her willingness to do for others (without being asked) is an inspiration. Knowing what she wants in her life and her profession is eye opening. Her unconditional love is a blessing. Her friendship a gift. Her big brown eyes are uplifting, and her sensuality appealing. She has that rare combination of external and internal beauty that shrouds her and completes her as a woman. She is absolutely awesome. :heart:

Can I post for a husband?

We just got a kitten and he gets up every morning to feed him.
He willingly talks to my mother on the phone.
He likes my friends and my family.
He cooks me dinner regularly.
He helps around the house a lot!
He supports me no matter what I want to do.
He’s a smart guy that never makes others feel like less than him.

I could go on, but won’t! :wink:

BTW we met in Taiwan years ago. :smiley:

yangdemei, that is so sweet of you. He’s a lucky guy!

Yes, please do. This ‘locker room’ behaviour has to stop.