I am proud of my partner because

she brought the smile back to me, before her I was a just a precision machine, she taught me to have emotion again, she taught me that I don’t have to have my guards on 24/7/365. She gives me the biggest happiness I ever have, the most listening and supportive, considerate girl I can imagine. In return, I want to keep that smile on her face forever, that was the thing that made me go this far everyday.

hum, even I myself found that being pretty cheesy :stuck_out_tongue: , but it’s true, she made me feel like I can act like a little child again, just an innocent laughter, a smile.

She cooks like a chef, can be as silly as a little girl, and as serious as a case of mumps. She’s loyal beyond all reasonable expectations and the best mom I’ve ever seen.

She has more creativity in her little finger than I do in any part or parts of my body combined. She’s amazing.

She rocks my world.

…she’s coming home tonight after being away for two weeks, and Limey’s gonna squeeze some lemons :stuck_out_tongue:

Nobody mentioned blowjobs yet.

Have you already blown ashore? Welcome back.

She usually behaves like a nine year old and looks at me with big child eyes.

But in crisis, she is as cool as General Patton and analyses the problem faster than me … and usually solves it befor I understand it.

She did not know about germs and bacterias and what happens when you pull the fridge power plug with all the food in for 2 weeks…

But she knows about computer hardware and has an IQ of 145

She dresses like a man (often)

But is as beautifull as a sun beam in the morning

She hates to cook

But she makes (sometimes) a German strawberry cake just like my mum. [this sounds pathetic, but tastes good]

Sigh, she is bobhonestly amazing [shall I send her this link? Hmmmmmm]

Life without her would be way to boring !

Awwwww! These posts are all so sweet. Brings a tear to my eye, really.

I am proud of mine because:
He actually listens when I talk
He is close to his family in a non-needy sort of way
He is very good at his job and very dedicated to it
He knows when I am pissed off (even my mother has a hard time with this one) and has not been dating me long enough to learn that… weird.
He understands me when I speak chinese (this must be a superpower)
He seems to be good at everything he does
He has to give out autographs to screaming little girls
And he still has a sense of humour about it
I have reallllly ugly burns on my body and legs. And he pretends to not know they are there.
He is the hottest man I have ever met, even when sick.
he is psychic (or at least appears to be) and knows when I am upset and when to call me
He is not afraid to be sweet and he knows when to be a hardass
He has amazingly good manners

And the number one most omportant reason I am proud of my partner:
He puts up with me without having to go out and kill people afterwards. OR He is really good at hiding bodies.

He loves me even though I can be a pain in the ass sometimes.
He’s proud of me.
He understands me and listens to what I am saying.
He’d like to be a houseman if we ever have kids.
He doesn’t listen to what his parents say.
He’s a 100% commited to what he does and does not give up.
He reads Classial Chinese Literature, likes History and Arts.
He watches the 9pm international news on 公視.
He’s hot and it was love at first sight.

I am proud of her because… uh…
(I’ll get back to you.)

I am in total awe of my wife. I can’t explain it.

I gave my love a cherry that has no stone…

I use to love her
But I had to kill her
I use to love her]
But I had to kill her
I had to put her
Six feet under
And I can still hear her complain

I’m proud of my partner because…

  • She is Chinese and proud of her heritage
  • She is the prettiest thing alive… and she’s totally unaware of it
  • She accepts my compliments with a simple “thank you”
  • She’s a genius
  • She’s down-to-earth and appreciates the simple and small things in life
  • She encourages me to share my feelings – positive and negative
  • She’s not afraid to show her feelings … even in The Tavern
  • She communicates with me every day
  • She is giving speaking fluent, understandable English her everything
  • She hasn’t complained about my (lack of) Chinese… not even once
  • She’s crazy about my family

This is for you Babe :notworthy:

I gave my love a chicken that has no bone…

I gave my love some ice cream that has.

It’s that small is it?

I’m bumping this.
I’m proud of my SO because he is the most patient man alive.
I came to work with two cups of coffee. (One black, one latte)
Some brilliant man thought that my latte would be better on my clothes as it would in a cup.
As I was throwing a tantrum about “I wouldn’t have bought coffee if I didn’t NEED coffee” my honey went to the fridge, poured milk in his coffee. Came back. Handed it to me. Asked me to go buy him a cup of coffee. And kissed me on the forehead.
Yes. This is why I’m so smitten.

I’m proud of my partner because cooking magnificent dishes and house cleaning are just pieces of cake though messing up the room is somehow the other piece. :rainbow: