I am Quarantined and here is how it happened

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Visa runners are like that friend that you gave an open invitation to stay at your house if they’re ever in town. So that friend decides to take you up on your offer one day. And he find that he likes staying at your house so much that he figures out a way to exploit your invitation. So every week or so, he says he’s heading out. He only ever goes so far, lurking in the neighborhood. And then he comes back to your house like “Hey buddy! I’m back! Thanks for letting me stay here!” Over time, you find that this friend has established a pattern and it seems like he will never actually really leave. And you say to yourself “ Oh shit…what have I done… If I call off the open invitation it will look bad on me. I will lose face because people may think I’m stingy cause this friend also happens to be an expert in kvetching and is really active on social media. I want people to know that I am not stingy but hospitable with my prosperity. At the same time, even though I am friends with this guy, I’m starting to get annoyed by this guy clearly exploiting my goodwill. Conundrums …FUCK!”


And right now options are limited as many airports are in non-transit state.

Here’s another guy who was quarantined and his cell phone ran out of battery and the police showed up to check on him.


He does not understand technology used to track him.
There are no satellites involved. His phone has not been tapped. The technique used is decades old and has been used all over the world to keep track of persons of interest (e.g. criminals).

In Taiwan they use geofencing using the cell towers the mobile is connected to. If the mobile phone is disconnected or leaves the designated area, an alarm is triggered. This triggers a response from the authorities.

IMHO the use of tracking quarantined people is justified and the least invasive method available.
It is not fool prove by any means, as the person can just go outside leaving the phone and forward calls/messages to another mobile to answer when someone calls the tracked sim card.


Question: If a Taiwanese comes from abroad without symptoms of covid-19 and decides to go under 14 days quarantine in their own home, what happens with the rest of the family that leaves there? Do they need to self-quarantine themselves too?

It would seem logical.

In theory, they should stay away from him like, well, the plague.

Separate room, no shared bathroom/meals, no interactions. Only allowed to place meals in front of door, knock and run like hell. Home must be disinfected every 4 hours, etc.


Some home quarantine description.


Good video. Thanks for posting!


Seems like common sense to me. People actually have to be told that?


Ya, they were nice though.

I believe you mean lives there, but they can stay, just need to wear masks out. Apparently a friend of a friend was quarantined a few days after me and she was having friends over like crazy and even when the police came they didn’t care as long as they wore masks… (or wore masks in their presence…a bit counter intuitive).

I see, but every rule has a way to be exploited and people do it all the time with government and laws. Things that maybe look bad but aren’t illegal. Many people like to save money on their taxes with such loopholes.

I have been doing visa runs for like 2 or 3 years now. I have been asked once how I support myself by immigration. I said I sell stocks and have money set aside already so I don’t need to work, and they didn’t say anything and let me come in. I thought it was because maybe the thought it was dealing drugs or working illegally but maybe it had to do with paying taxes? idk.

And such loopholes will also cause inconveniences for the exploiter in times of crisis such as is happening with COVID-19. So visa runners should not be bitching and complaining about their problems because now they are paying for the risks they took.



its not cheating if they are rules in place that allow such actions… they are just being used not as intended but that isnt illegal.