I applied for a work visa and they gave me a visitor visa

I applied for a work visa at Boca in Taipei brought my work permit and did the online visa application then I get my passport it says 180 days visitor type visa


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How long is your contract? If it’s short-term, you may not qualify for an ARC. You can already legally work with the permit.

Are you sure they didn’t just give you the visitor visa as a transitory thing while switching from a visa exemption or similar to an ARC? I think that’s the usual process.

What did BOCA say when you asked them about it? (As in, that would be the obvious thing to do…)

1 year. It’s qualified for the arc I was told to go to the immigration office to get arc after I got the visa…

Yeah, so your ARC is currently being processed then, you just need to go pick it up when it’s ready?

Did you enter visa-exempt?

Anyway, that’s the sequence if you didn’t already hold the right visa type: BOCA gives you a visitor visa, then you apply for an ARC at NIA. (You apply after you’ve started working - you need an in-service letter from your employer for the ARC application).

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That’s an odd way to say “thank you for your help”… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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