I can't get a copy of the Work Permit's Approval Letter


I am an ingeneer that is working in Taiwan and I am planning to move to another company. I got a offer letter from the new company, I filled everything, gave all the papers that their secretary asked me, but there is still one paper that she asks me that I cannot get : It is a copy of the “work permit’s approval letter”. My current company have it, but refuse to make a copy for me. My new company is actually trying to make a smooth transition with the papers and would like to use my actual resident visa, so I won’t have to quit Taiwan and they won’t need to apply for the whole set of papers that I already have.

Here are my precise questions :

  1. Do my new (= “next”) company really need this paper for the application of my new work permit ?

  2. Do my company have the right to not let me make a copy of this paper ?

  3. Do I have the right to get the copy of this paper ?

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My experience is with work permits for teachers so I am not sure how much of this can be extrapolated across to your situation. If engineering work permits are issued by the Council of Labor Affairs (CLA) then I expect that the information would apply.

Although the work permit is obtained for you by your employer, the actual document is not transferrable and is only relevant for the company that you are working for. It is issued in their name and authorizes you to work for them. If you change companies then you need to get a new work permit.

Provided that you get your new work permit before your current company cancels your old one, then you should be able to add your new employers name to your ARC and just have the old employer taken off soon afterwards. This way you can keep your resident visa and ARC, but be fully legal in your new position.

For all of this to work the new company must be able to legally employ you. The fact that you have come here answering these questions suggests that the new employer doesn’t know what they are doing in this regard and that isn’t very promising!

Hopefully someone else will be able to confirm what I have stated above as applying to engineers, or if not, supply some more correct information.

New employer can apply for a work permit after original employer has applied for revocation of the original work permit; or the new employer can apply with documents of termination of employment contract.

Ok, now I understand … Thank you a lot :smiley: :notworthy:

My company finally gave me a copy of the paper, but only after I filled some papers that cancel my current contract with them.

The end of the contract will be in the end of May. If the new company give all the papers to the gouvernment monday, do you think the time is enough for them to get the new work permit ?

Another question :

It seems that what my new company is doing is a “transfert” of my ARC. I saw on this forum that ARC transferts are no longer used for teachers. For all the other kind of job, the ARC transfert is still the only way to smoothly change a job (i.e. without having to quit Taiwan) ?

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It takes 7- 10 working days to get work permit