I can't make sense of the KMT's hero worship of Sun Yat-sen

Sun was a somewhat anti-authoritarian leftist. The KMT is very rightist.

Sun was a populist and a radical democrat. The KMT is despotic and dictatorial.

Sun’s biggest heroes were Abraham Lincoln and Karl Marx. Meanwhile, the KMT supports very rightist economic policies and uses lies and fearmongering to keep Taiwanese on the Waishengren plantation.

Sun believed in governments by, for, and of the people. The KMT believes in governments by, for, and of the Waishengren/Beijingese aristocracy.

Now what do they have in common?

They both see/saw themselves as Chinese.

Wouldn’t that be like Karl Marx hero worshipping Martin Luther because both were German? Or Strom Thurmond hero worshipping Rosa Parks because both were American? Or Rene Levesque hero-worshipping Pierre Trudeau because both were Canadian?

Sun founded a nationalistic leftist party that was hijacked by fascists on one side and Stalinists on the other. At least the Stalinists, even though they are now totalitarians with no fixed ideology aside from the amassing of immense power and wealth at the expense of the people, were honest enough to not use the name KMT.

Ironically, the only Chinese politicians who live up to Sun Yat-sen’s ideals are Leung Kwok-hung and maybe Emily Lau, and neither is particularly fond of either the PRC or the ROC.

The DPP and TSU better reflect the ideals of Sun than the Blue parties, and I don’t particularly agree with their scorched-earth policy with regards to the elimination of Sun Yat-sen, although I understand why it may not be a bad idea, given what the fascists have turned him into.

Well if Dr. Sun’s wife was any indication, Dr. Sun would support communism if he lived long enough.

Well George Washington is considered to be the father of USA, and he was a slave owner. Sort of contradictory to modern day values and even to the wording of the founding values of the USA.

Unless you have evidence to the contrary, the KMT followed Dr. Sun

  1. Revolution
  2. Tutelage
  3. Democracy

social development plan to the letter on Taiwan.

Well, let’s see. Lincoln was a military-backed winner of a farcical election, who adopted the language of a certain radical social ideology as a means of energizing his supporters. What’s not to like?

Marx was one of many eternal student activist / rabble rouser types of his day, who wasn’t honored as their leader until after he was dead. In this he resembles Sun, whose main accomplishment was raising money from overseas Chinese. (Sun didn’t start the revolution, or lead it, and he held the presidency for just a few months.)

Sun Yat-Sen was an incompetent idealist who never ruled or led China, but instead fumbled the ball and let the slick, conniving Yuan Shi-Kai take over as dictator almost immediately after the Revolution.

The KMT were originally a leftist party supported by the Soviet Union, and benefited from Russian aid for most of their career during the Civil War. The USSR only reluctantly backed the horse of the CCP when it became clear that Mao and his ragtag band were actually winning, despite all odds.

The various “father of the country” figures all over the world almost universally have a few skeletons in the closet. If the pan-Greens ever realize their dream of Taiwan independence, I expect them to dig up a new father of the country figure - maybe one of the 228 victims, or some legendary aboriginal hero. They’ll put his photo on the NT$1000 bill and eulogize him and make him saintly - never mind he was banging his neighbor’s wife and enjoyed drinking and gambling. Saints aren’t to be questioned - they are to be worshipped. You can’t have a real country if you don’t have a saintly father figure.


“You can’t be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline. It helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer.”
– Frank Zappa

[quote=“Dog’s_Breakfast”] You can’t have a real country if you don’t have a saintly father figure.

That’s what’s so great about Canada- we all know it was founded by a drunk on a railway swindle.

I think the loon on the currency in Canada is quite saintly.

However, if not SYS as the father figure, would LTH be any better figure of Taiwan? or CSB?

Well at least LTH has actually lived in this non-sovereign nation unlike SYS. The KMT is like the Vichy administration whose priority was the “fatherland” and not France.

Funny if the SYS memorial is correct, SYS came to Taiwan quite a number of time.

As Lee Teng Hui the real father of Taiwan would say, SunYatSen is the father of an extinct nation the former corrupt evil gangster nation called the Republic of China. It died when Lien Chan lost the election twice!!! Hahahaha…What a loser the KMT is. Lost the civil war in China, was handed Taiwan by the Japanese by way of the USA and they lost that too. Hahahahahaha… LOSERS!

Yea, Sun Yat-Sen is just a foreign entity just like how the King of England was for the Americans. Our real Taiwanese George Washington is Lee TengHui, a man who made Taiwan a true Asian democracy just like Japan.

My Countrymen,
I find myself shocked to see implications that the father of modern China and the current Taiwan is being misinterperated. The San Ming Chu I contradicts what many of you are implying. That Dr. Sun would move to Communism eventually? That is plainly ridiculous. Democracy is what he rallied for and what we should strive for. Corruption needs to be dealt with for sure, but we shouldn’t abandon our Guo-Fu’s goal of a stable, powerful, democratic China.
–The Defender Duke

We are not Chinese, we are Taiwanese! Sun Yat Sen is a foreign figure and means nothing to us Taiwanese

Dr. Sun is relevant to the Taiwanese because he is one of whom responsible for creating the entity known as ROC and overthrowing an empire which at one point ruled Taiwan.(even though the party he helped created at some point turned out to be just as corrupt as the political power he destroyed) However, he is no saint like some people would like to portray him as and his life should be taught only on the parts having to do with Taiwan not the other way around.

The ROC is a foreign entity and Dr. Sun is a foreign entity as well. The only person that had an impact on Taiwan was the godless CKS.