I can't post a new topic

Hi folks

I need to ask a question in the travel forum but the new topic box is unselectable. I’m a new member. How long do I need to wait until I can as a new question? Thanks.

I believe, if you just signed up and wanted to post a new thread, it’s not possible. You may need to get out of the “visitor” level and move into a more basic user level by one of the options below…

entering at least 5 topics
reading at least 30 posts
spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

Some measures are in place to prevent bots/spam.

Ok thank you!

Problem: when I hit the Open Draft button, it opens a window where the “select a category” button and “new topic” line is covered by the Forumosa banner. When I hit Create Topic I get a jiggling message that the Topic is blank- at least I assume that is what it says, because that is also covered by the banner.
I can’t ask this question elsewhere, because this stops me from posting a new topic in About. There’s probably a simple answer to this, but it’s beyond me.

Are you on mobile or PC?

To be clear, do you mean the “New Topic” button? That’s the ordinary way of starting one.

I’m on a desktop.
I can’t see New Topic. Where should it be?

At the top of the Latest page or the main list of any forum. Blue button

Nope- unless it’s also covered by the title banner.
Also, when I’m posting it won’t scroll up to let me see previous posts.

Can you try on mobile or a different browser?

As at top right under my icon here? Sorry, not blue. What do you see there?

I see all the other headings but not that one. Also I can’t go back to a previous page- I have to cancel, go to another site, and come back to Forumosa to see your post. I’m going to try shutting down and coming back. I’ll let you know. Thanks.

Odd. Are you using the latest version of your browser? That can lead to problems.

The “Latest” “New” etc. labels are one line below the All Forums and All Tags labels, and the Replies Views Activity tags one line down from New Topic are also missing.
Underneath the Latest label it has a button that says Open Draft

Can you take a screenshot?

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Look in About on your browser and see what version you have.

Uh, how?- you’re dealing with someone who is almost completely computer illiterate.

Windows 7 (I know, I know)

:slight_smile: What browser are you using? Chrome? Firefox?

Nothing wrong with Windows 7. I use it at home. At work they have Windows 10 and it irritates me beyond belief. I’m also a computer moron, though.
“Browsers” are Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.