I done something stupid

Out of interest, rather than any real desire to get yet another job, I recently applied to a high school seeking someone to teach science, maths, and english.

They didn’t interview me, just called and asked me to demo!

Now apparently the actual teaching will be to international students, using american high school material, in classes of approximately 20. The demo, at 9 tomorrow morning, is to be ‘math’ - I get to choose my own material despite knowing nothing about the kids. There will be approximately 50 of them, all Taiwanese, and aged (probably) around 16 or 17.

The person inviting me over couldn’t give me clear directions to the place, and couldn’t tell me whether the students know basic mathematical terms like “plus”, “divided by” etc.

I’ve given up asking schools to tell me the level of the students they want me to teach because their assessments are usually wishful thinking. The reality is likely to be that the ability range is from ‘shy near-beginner’ to ‘irritatingly talkative near-expert’.

So in other words I’m going in blind to improvise a lesson, and be assessed by people who don’t have their act together.

Oh, and it’s to be for at least 30 minutes! Any suggestions?

I’m probably wasting my time, and my gut tells me that I wouldn’t want this job. But I said I’ll go, so I’ll go. And now I want to not make a complete pig’s ear of it, because I have my pride.

I have quite a bit of high school experience, and am pretty relaxed about giving a good showing. But comments or suggestions are welcome.

They’re doing calculus at that age.

Really? I’ve always wanted to learn calculus! :slight_smile:

Really? I’ve always wanted to learn calculus! :slight_smile:[/quote]

oh lordy, to be a fly on the wall tomorrow…

It would really depend on the textbook … and their levels.

Exactly. The international students, so I am told, follow US high school books. So to test me they want me to demo to students who may or may not know the material, but are unlikely to have the English skills necessary to participate in the lesson. :unamused:

I’ll post more details after the event, in case the job turns out to be suitable for anyone here. In the meantime… what would you do with your 45 minutes?


Teach them all the ‘inchworm’ song, you know, the one that starts with ‘Two and two are four, Four and four are eight…’ in counterpoint with ‘inchworm, inchworm, measuring the marigolds…’

Then you’ve got maths, science AND English (not to mention music) all in one go! :smiley:

Oh… did you mean helpful suggestions?

Daasgrrl - you’re too late! His class started at 9 this morning. He’s probably just wrapping up as I type this.
I wonder how it went.

How to get there: Come out of the MRT and ask someone.

I decided not to bother. You can’t assess my ability to teach the subject if I’m not teaching a remotely similar bunch of students. You can measure my ability to manage a completely different style of class, but what use is that?

And if you throw every applicant in front of a class without even interviewing, then how desperate are you to hire teachers? What does that say to a prospective employee?

I called to cry off, and someone finally answered the phone 5 minutes before I was supposed to start. She asked me to call back. 4 minutes later someone called me asking where I was.

Sorry, but I hope for a higher level of organisation than this. I was going to do the demo just to satisfy my curiousity and to keep my ‘hire me’ skills polished, but I have 8 hrs of paid teaching to do today as well and it just didn’t seem worth the hassle to do this as well.

Funnily enough, they sounded really disappointed that I wasn’t coming and asked me to reschedule! Maybe next week when things calm down a bit. Anybody want to come along for the ride?

Inchworm? Ha ha!

Was this by chance the Taipei First Girls (Beiyinu) High School. What were they offering. That job would at least carry a little status. But no, I still hate the ‘real school’ jobs. I’d much rather have my little, no status, clkass of 5 super-advanced 1st and 2nd graders.

I know what you mean about demos. I hate demos where you have to ‘teach’ a group of students completely different from who you’d be teaching. I once had to do a demo to three adults ‘pretending’ they were students. Hmm. Go for a chef’s job and get asked to make an omelette, but use oranges and pretend they’re eggs?


I taught at a girls’ school in Jing Mei for a while when I was nineteen or so. It was purgatory. They were all 16 and 17. Say no more.

Hexuan wrote: [quote]I taught at a girls’ school in Jing Mei for a while when I was nineteen or so. It was purgatory. They were all 16 and 17. [/quote]

Ruined for life! You poor bastard. :wink:

I dunnit.

Me, 10 girls aged around 17, a couple of teachers, and a nun. We talked about the physics of sailing for 30 minutes, and I left with a contract in my hand.

Yup, I’m still charming enough to work in a girl’s school. but the penguin warned me not to actually touch any of my charges. It seems they’re big on morality, being catholics and all.

I probably won’t take it, but PM me if you want to apply.

It’s an ‘all day, every day’ gig with 25 actual teaching hours per week. Salary is OK, or should I say ‘fairly typical’? ARC provided.

Junior high uses Open House. Seniors use New Interchange, but they’re open to suggestions. Plus some ‘science’ classes that look like they’ll be all about teaching basic terms in english; ‘this is called force, f-o-r-c-e’ etc

It seems they’ve not had a lot of luck with foreign applicants - a lot of unreliable bastards not turning up. Unbelievable but true!