I don't care about Tarantino, this is just a stupid joke

Over the years, everyone has sat back and given this guy a pass on all manner of egregious offenses because he makes “good” movies.
First it was his gratuitous use of the N-word and various other racial slurs.
Followed by his grotesque objectification of women’s physicality, including his so-skeevy fetishization of Uma’s feet.
Next his casual attitude in depicting violence against women, in pictures like Death Proof and especially the Hateful Eight.

And through it all, he gets pass after pass, over and over.

Well I, for one, am about at the end of my rope after seeing Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, fuck him.


You’re late as hell! I been over Turdintino since like…2007. :yawning_face:

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How dare you. Blasphemy!!!


Mmm, Raccoon Flavor. Like possum, but gamier. :yum:


I thought it was a statement on the human condition.

Yeah? How do you like it???

Looks delicious! Oh, shit… :astonished:

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Um, that’s not actually raccoon meat, Dr Milker. That’s fake raccoon meat: it’s actually your cousin, I think.

What, was he talking about making Snoopy hot dogs or some fuckin deal???

I doubt it. Bovine meat is too expensive to put in cheapo dog food like that. Hooves maybe.

Actually, his fan base ruined him for me. I knew (still know, unfortunately) too many stupid guys claiming to be “into film” who all but masturbated over his movies.

Oh, he also just sucks. :nail_care: Toes.

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Also, that dog food in the Tarantino film comes from 1969. well before your cousin was born, i’d wager.

Because he just does his own shit.

You spelled his name wrong. It should be Turdantino.

You guys should hire an ad and take your show on the road, offering fast, simple Blowing a Joke services.


I’ve never liked him in the first place and his fanboys are mostly man-children whose idea of serious cinema is drugs and violence and worship Nolan/Scorsese, aka two other overrated-as-shit directors.

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I must be a man-child, in that case. Thanks for letting me know!


True men (like @gain) only enjoy long, boring, pretentious, incomprehensible arthouse films.

Huh, may have to look him up.

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since inglorious basterds he has been going downhill. big tonal differences in his films.

  • inglorious basterds had that dumbass annie lenox music montage, didn’t fit at all with the tone.
  • the hateful eight was very tense, then they had stupid gore effects like whole heads exploding. dumb.
  • once upon a time in hollywood had great acting, filming and everything but forgot to have a story.

his movies are becoming big wankfests and its a pity nobody is reigning him in.