I don't care about Tarantino, this is just a stupid joke

It did have Brad Pitt going apeshit on LSD though.

No. I enjoy good films, which Tarantino/Scorsese/Nolan rarely make.

You didn’t like Memento? Goodfellas? Pulp Fiction?

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the only watchable Tarantino movie is Jackie Brown, and that’s for two reasons: 1) it’s the least like a Tarantino movie, and 2) Pam Grier is fucking awesome.


Yes, Jackie Brown is his best film by far.

Agree with first two reasons, but the biggest reason is that Tarantino relied on Elmore Leonard’s novel and tuningforked an affinity with Leonard as a pulp artist strong enough to avoid too much deviation.


Yes, I forgot to mention it’s not even his original story.

Look at that! We agreed on something. Warms my little heart.

Memento is the only Nolan film I like. It’s good. Carrie Anne Moss and Harriet Samson Harris were great.

I don’t like gangster films and Goodfellas is no exception, though I’ll say that it was much better than his other gangster movies like The Departed. Ew.

Pulp Fiction is just annoying. Can’t stand it.


That’s where Tarantino screws up most I think, relying on his own stories. I like lurid as much as the next guy, but I’m not a fan of lurid for the sake of being lurid.

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At least we can agree on this. It must have been made on a microscopic budget too, which really makes the quality of the directing, script and acting shine though. It’s Nolan’s best movie by far.

I think if all three trim down their budget by like 70% the quality of their film would make a marked improvement. Their huge budget (and consequently, ego) seems to have taken away their restraint, subtleties, and the ability of having the film breath on their own.


I’m sure this is true. Hollywood bloat is rarely conducive to good film-making. CGI is another creativity killer.

I think working with limits is paradoxically better for the creative process. That’s always been true for me.

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Nolan totally buggered up Dunkirk. Such a marvelous story was done a complete disservice. First time I saw it I enjoyed it, then I thought about it, watched it again and realised it really wasn’t very good. I think its weakness was the non-linear story line that is really hard to follow.

I like some of Tarantino’s movies. It would be good if he didn’t try to act in them. Yeah, the racism and misogyny is OTT and could be toned down. He’s apparently only making one more movie so his detractors won’t need to put up with him much longer.

Some posters don’t like Scorsese’s movies? What? Generally accepted as some of the greatest movies ever made. And not so much to criticise in the PC department.

I don’t hate Scorsese. And he definitely scored a few points with me when he criticized capeshit.

Now that’s a ringing endorsement.

Coming from me? I’d certainly say so.

I think Taxi Driver isn’t as brilliant as a lot of people think. Raging Bull was incredible.

Goodfellas! Simply the best.

Tarantino handles nonlinear narratives very well, which is extremely hard to do.


You really got to be wary of those people who are too into Taxi Driver, and for the wrong reasons. Something’s invariably wrong…

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My mate studied film at university and one of his fellow students got the haircut after they watched and discussed Taxi Driver. A tad worrisome.

Not a pleasant film to watch, but it’s one of De Niro’s more impressive roles. Definitely better than his work in Meet the Fockers.