I feel these kind of threads scare off female posters and prevent new ones from joining

I feel these kind of threads scare off female posters and prevent new ones from joining.

Just saying.
I realize it’s in good fun but still… tbh my first reaction was to pile in as well so to be fair I’m a bit of a hypocrite


Well if female posters aren’t joining, I’m sure it has nothing to do with the constant stream of threads and posts where they’re put down by guys who are obviously frustrated by their dating lives. :roll_eyes:

Yes, the “I hate women, why can’t I get laid?” threads probably aren’t creating a diverse poster base.


no difference with this thread

Who here has said anything about “hating women”? :thinking:

I’m not a big fan of self-censorship. I also think anyone who has a huge problem with this kind of thread probably wouldn’t be a barrel of laughs on the forum anyway. I certainly wouldn’t have a problem with a Taiwanese person posting about the positive attributes of Western men or women.

do you think this kind of threads are creating a diverse poster base?

Honestly, I don’t care. They’re fun to read and somewhat interesting. If people are turned off by them that’s their problem.


I don’t have problems with these threads too. Just saying the effect of this thread to potential female posters may be no different from the “I hate women, why can’t I get laid?” threads.

Meh. Like I said, that’s their problem then. I come here for silly banter, not to help expand a user base that will include humorless prudes.

Yap, I haven’t disagreed to what you say. I’m just saying these threads are the same in regard of creating a diverse poster base.

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Well I can’t say why there isn’t a diverse poster base. Not convinced that females are being scared off. Maybe this place just doesn’t appeal to them. It’s pretty niche to begin with given how comparatively small the foreign resident population in Taiwan is.

I guess given the number of unduly harsh and even misogynistic posts I’ve seen recently that criticize Taiwanese women, I don’t think it hurts to have some threads that aim to boost the positivity for the people already participating in the community.

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Everyone wants to find some reason. The fact is the threads don’t matter much. All Internet forums are dying a slow death. Most people, especially younger people, prefer social media nowadays. It is what it is as our former Prez would say.


I mostly agree. But your intentions for starting your thread don’t necessarily get reflected in the responses. I think the OPs point was your thread basically gives the same people more space to re-air those views.

Well that’s on the moderators to manage then, and I know they already moved deleted some posts that were not well intentioned.

I have no idea what anybody’s gender is here.