I found some NSR150 owner & service manuals

As has been stated previously here on Forumosa, there is no manual available for the model of Kymco NSR150 made here in Taiwan. I just couldn’t go on knowing nothing about the bike I’m buying, though, so I (and a friend) found some that are the next best thing. rk1951 has mentioned that the NSR125 sold in Europe has mostly the same parts. Also, it appears that the later-model 150SP, sold in Asia and Australia, has mostly similar components, excepting of course the single-sided swingarm and rear suspension.

These should at least get you through maintenance and routine replacement of components. It seems that most people here take the hard stuff to the experienced guys at the couple specialty shops, as will I.

Just reading the owners manual for the 150SP made me feel better, like I had some knowledge of the bike. I realize that most people here on Forumosa already have one or the other of these; I just wanted to put them in one place. And there may be someone out there in internetland who can benefit. If the links expire, let me know and I’ll re-host them, whenever I look at this address :slight_smile: elmermgv at hotmail dot com . Forumosa members PM me.

150SP owners filesco.com/download.php?id=7D3B02051

150SP service filesco.com/download.php?id=E253DCD61

There are two copies of the NSR125 service manual. The .doc one is a little clearer, but sometimes pdf is a little easier to use, so I hosted both. The pdf opens in Open Office/Word.

.doc filesco.com/download.php?id=065FA6BB1

.pdf filesco.com/download.php?id=E6A34ABE1

And here are some real-life experiential notes for the NSR125 from a guy named Alain in France that someone may find useful.


I also found a huge multi-lingual pdf in English, German, French, and what I’m sure is Spanish :smiley: If anyone is interested, let me know and I can get it to you.

Thanks Bokonon, actually I have the 125cc owners manual, but the SP would be better. Hey this link won’t work for me.

Hmm… I tried it on a different computer than the one I registered on and it works. Try again. You do realize that it makes you watch the ads for 20 seconds first, right? :laughing: If it doesn’t work I can email it or give it to you on CD.

cool, it works now. Before it wasn’t working. I think you just fixed the link and now you are making me look like a jack ass. :slight_smile: Cheers.

I used to ride an NSR in Taipei for years. There used to be a great shop on Beishin Rd a little bit after the bridge from Roosevelt. The guy does great work and won’t gouge you. Dunno if he’s still there. Good luck!

Thanks for the reply. I’ll keep that place in mind. There’s a guy in Yingge named Ah Sen who also specializes in NSRs, and it’s a lot closer to Linkou for me. If anyone wants to contact him they can PM me or rk1951.

I can’t imagine a 2-stroke manual transmission bike is the most practical form of transport for Taipei :smiley: