I found the entire Hollywood Movie channel library

listed online in this cool website! list here.

I love that crap.

Hasn’t like every single one of those movies been on at least one of the english-language movie channels? :stuck_out_tongue:

Do y’sef a favour and click on the lists of the best ones. Then find a way to get ahold of some of them. There are some stunners there. Thanks for the link – rotten’s a great site.

Yeah, I went over that one a few weeks ago when it came out :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe this post is in the wrong place…
I have often wondered the same things as English teacher with headband…why do we see so many made for HBO movies, etc in Taiwan ? It has something to do with copyright, right ?

I have bought movies from Carrefour, or Dollar, with the titles changed from the original – on the box and in the movie itself. Ex – a made for HBO movie called “Odysseus” had the right picture on the box, but was called “Dragon Fury”. And some of the first minutes of the movie were cut out and the title Dragon Fury was amateurishly slapped on the screen.

How do they get away with this?