I found the Mountain Dew!

FamilyMart Danshui Sinmin Store. 淡水新民店

@ShaoLeFen @overnightoats666

:face_vomiting: Let me know if you find any of this :heart_eyes:

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wow i haven’t seen this in years…

just go to any Filipino shop and they’ll usually have Mountain Dew, and also Gatorade.

If I see it, I’ll say it.

It looks like this in Chinese.

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Jason’s always has Mountain Dew.
Lots of PX Marts too.


Why is this new?
Costco has been selling it in cans for at least 2 or 3 years and 7-11 started selling it (again) at the start of this year.

Absolutely, but from that Carrefour topic, i’ve had my eye open a little bit seeing if I recognise anything from that topic. If I see it somewhere. It’s probably sold somewhere else as well but I posted where i saw it.

It was requested multiple times in the carrefour topic.

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No they don’t.
Never seen it in Jason’s (Sanxia)…ever.

Yeah, I’ve seen it in Kaohsiung. But I didn’t drink it in the West, and I’m definitely not taking up the radioactive yellow stuff here. If anyone has crab juice, I’m game though.

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Yeah, you’re right.
I lied, just so I could sound cool.

7-Eleven currently has deal with Mountain Dew (and other sodas), second one is 40% off (mix and match). My youngest had the Dew today.

I’m sure “some locations” sell it. But definitely not as you said…

I love Mountain Dew. I get one and a hot dog every time I go to Costco.


The Nectar of the Gods…
To bad is so bad for you. I drink it every blue moon with a Costco hot dog too.

I don’t know how you people can tolerate that much sugar. Just one little sip of soda makes me wince.

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Im like you now. Its a habit thing. I used to drink 1 plus 12 can cases of coke during work everyday, plus a 2liter slurpy in summer…gross. But i loved it. Now i dont eat oil or sugar and everytime i can a can i feel like shyte. I thought diabetes but nope, oil does the same to me.

Drinking sugar in tropical countries makes no sense to me. But seems we are in the minority