I got a room upgrade in a strange way

initially I tried to bargain the room i wanted but for what I offered the gave me a tiny tiny one in the ground floor. who cares!

After a few hours I return to the hotel to meditate a bit and after a couple of mid intensity farts a guy comes and tells me that downstairs is noisy and upstairs is quiet. All true. I agree to move my stuff upstairs.

I believe I just farted my way to a better room.

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I have had a couple of upgrades, though neither required me to revert to flatulence.

  1. Was at the Westin in Kuala Lumpur - checked in and was led upstairs by the Bell Boy, opened door, to find feet poking from the bed, quickly followed by some verbal abuse, quickly departed the scene and went back downstairs, got upgraded to a Suite for my 3 days as a result, including free food. The owner of the feet was busy abusing the reception people on the phone when we got back down there, so I guess he was rewarded in some way.

  2. Was at a very new (open less than a month) hotel in Koblenz, Germany. Again, room was occupied, but just the belongings, the humans were out. Back downstairs, and we were rewarded with a much nicer corner room and free meals for the duration.

I had a similar situation at IKEA, I wanted to see a table, a whole family were sitting around the table blocking anybody that attempt to reach the location. I waited, I went around and came back, family still there, I got angry inside myself, went there and silently my anger went out, after less than 1 minute, the whole family dispersed in despair. I didn’t buy the table, it was way too expensive.



Next time, have a nap on a nice couch.