I got hired but I have to travel

I am working in a white collar job, I do not have an ARC so I still do visa runs. I need to travel to US with my company for a business trip. Will I get into trouble at the airport? This time I am traveling with my colleagues I will exit and enter Taiwan with my US passport.

Is there any reason that you need to say that you are working?

If asked by Taiwan immigration…DON’T SAY ANY OF THE FOLLOWING… :no-no:

  1. I’m not really a tourist and I’m actually residing in Taiwan without an ARC.

  2. I’m employed illegally without a proper work-permit.

  3. I’m not paying taxes on the illegal income that I’m earning from my illegal job.

Just continue to lie about why you’re in Taiwan and your true intentions. If you tell the truth, it will come of no good. Integrity doesn’t exist in Taiwan anyway, so you should be good to go! :bow:

When faced with law enforcement or immigration in any country, DO NOT volunteer any information. Stretch the truth a bit, like if they ask you at passport control your reason for the visit, say tourism if you do not have an ARC.

…try not to look like you’re back from a business trip when you say this though!

When I go through passport control they always seem to have a quick glance at my passport and then fix me with a piercing stare. They can obviously tell a wrong-un just by looking at them!