I got yer Ipad 2 right here

I’m going to be leaving for Kaohsiung in a couple of days, and was curious if I should bring any products from the states to “gift” to folks in Taiwan, either the locals or my fellow gweilos. Everyone brings up the Ipad 2’s, as they have yet to be released in Taiwan, but their near-impossible to get here, too.

Any ideas, fellow friendly forumosans?

Hi TeachSeanTeach, and welcome to the forum by the way, in case we haven’t already welcomed you! :slight_smile:

Just curious, why the quotes around “gift”? To me that implies that it is a gift in name only. Perhaps other people use quotes differently from what I’m accustomed to?

Anyway, if you want to bring in stuff as a favor to others, or for a small profit (not really a gift either way), that’s fine by me. :idunno: But in any case it’s not really a question of where to find something (WCIF), though, so I’ll move this.

Move away! my apologies; I’m new here. I thought WCIF would be a good place to find out what people wanted.

I’ll take this post elsewhere, thanks for the info and the greeting.