I heard about ABN AMRO’s new commercials in Taiwan and it made me roll over in my grave. Those sons of b1tches were in the banking business when I was a starving artist. Do you think they gave me a loan? HAH!

And they have the audacity to use my art work with some wimpy-poet boy singing his sappy song about “losing my sanity”. And then the basterds put in a cartoon of ME walking across the screen. I never made cartoons! Those sons of b1tches!

And what the HE11 did they do to my “starry nights” picture with all the ripples and krap? De Amsterdamsche Bank would have laughed at me if I asked for a loan - getting all fat and smoking cigars while I shot myself in field.

And here they come with their DAM artsy fartsy commercial using MY art with some pansy-wimp-poet-boy’s music. What a load of krap!

Yeah, it’s a big poop…that song sucks, I think It’s Don McLean, some wimpy unic…

I don’t know, it’s more like cash in on blandness, I remember in art school it was always about Van Gogh’s art when it first came out being seen as ‘crazy’ and ‘ugly’…but there are some art historians who think mabye he wasn’t really all that crazy, just no one understood him. Whatever, he would have never liked that dumb song.

I remember when it used to be 2 banks
Algemene Bank van Nederlands (General Bank of the Netherlands)
AMsterdam ROtterdam Bank

So now you know what it stands for…

is it really that bad? I am about to open an account there…I tho it’s the biggest bank in euro?

It’s fine. I believe the OP was a joke.

Soon it will be Barclays or another one … they are taken over/merged with

If it does come under the Barclays mantle it should be fine.
I have used Barclays on an international level quite a bit in the past and received good service.

I see mail from ABN AMRO here occasionally so maybe the wife has something with them. Since I haven’t heard her say anything about them they are probably OK.

Probably one of her seventy three credit cards … :slight_smile:

Probably one of her seventy three credit cards … :slight_smile:[/quote]

Could be…I get nervous when new fans or blenders or space heaters are delivered without notice.

I just keep quiet.

I have an account with the post office here in Taiwan. It’s a very basic account. They give me a bank card and a bank book, and they give me interest over my money.

I also have an account with the ABN Amro back in Holland, also a very basic account. They used to give me a bank card and a little interest, and to send me a letter twice a month with my account balance. Not anymore though. I haven’t had any interest for amost ten years, I have to pay to get a bank card, I only get this letter once a month unless I pay for it.
Recently I went to the bank to change my address. I let it slip that I wasn’t a student anymore, I graduated. Oh, they said, then you can’t bank for free anymore. Now, they want me to pay E8 per three months. For what? For a bank card - that I already have! - and for having the account. In addition to that, they give me no interest. They keep the money they make of my money, and want me to pay for the privilege.

So, I don’t like the ABN.