I have a friend's tax checque, what now?

OK, here is the situation: My friend left Taiwan for good about a year ago. He appointed me his “agent.” This morning I went to collect the checque. They gave it to me, no problem.

We assumed that I would be able to pay his checque into his South African bank account, but I tried to do this at two different banks and they wouldn’t accept this. They told me that he first needed to cash the checque and then I could pay it into his SA bank account… :loco: mmm…well, he isn’t here!

What are my options? Would they accept the Checque in South Africa? Any ideas would be appreciated!

It’s been quite a few years, but I handled the same sort of thing for a few furiners when I was in Taiwan. As I remember it, my bank allowed me to deposit the cheques in my account. I can’t remember if I endorsed them with my name or with the names on the cheques, but it was never a problem. After the cheques cleared, I either wired or sent an international bank cheque in USD, NZD or whatever to the friend. I seriously doubt that any overseas bank would do anything other than blow their noses on a Taiwan NT$ cheque unless you do a whole lot of business banking with the bank. Even if an overseas bank did process the cheque, you would lose a whole lot in handling and exchange fees.

Thanks for the help! I’ll give it a try tomorrow! :sunglasses:

I cashed my mom’s cheque at my bank, no questions. They handed me the bills right there. If you have your friend’s ARC or a copy of it that would probably help.

Thanks for all the help. Eventually I had to sign my own name on the back and then I could pay it into my own account, no questions asked! :unamused: