I have an unused coupon for 30% off with AsiaYo the "taiwanese Airbnb"

Hey everyone, like the title says…

I move around a lot, often relying on airbnb but, always looking for new platforms to plan my next move, whether long term or short.

I’ve booked successfully in the past with AsiaYo.com, once in twice in Thailand, and once in both Korea and Taiwan. They’ve provided me with a coupon for 30% off, but as I’ve found semi-permanent lodging for the time being, I probably won’t be using it.

I wanted to offer it to the good folks on this board, as I’ve lurked here for quite some time.

PM if you would like to use it. cheers.

Wasn’t there a rule that posts should auto-lock?Anyway, on my iPhone Asiayo is completely unusable, every single click seems to lead to multi-second waits, and I do not see an english option anywhere.