I have been fired by my Taiwanese employer!


I have a problem which I am sure somebody can help me out with. Last week I got into a big argument with my employer and he fired me . . . . . ( he is an indifferent/heartless bastard) . . . . . . OK, so now he has cancelled my ARC . . . . . but, unfortunately I do not have enough money to fly into Hong Kong to renew my visa so I am “stuck” in Taiwan.

I have only been here for 2 months now and i really do not want to leave. Can anybody please give me some information about being illegal and the pros and cons concerning fines, deportation etc. as I really want to stay here but i have no information relative to this matter.
PLEASE PLEASE help, somebody!

Thanking you in anticipation,

You have to go to HK or your an overstayer. Borrow the money or something. You don’t have a choice.

Sorry, but if you don’t go you’re fucked.


Another idea:
I know you hate to leave your fate in the hands of strangers, but if you are willing to sign a contract with another school and leave some collateral behind, the owner may be willing to advance you enough to go to HK. But you’d likely have to teach a few classes first or something. Best idea is to look for a place in the country where they’ll agree to anything to get a teacher (are you an English teacher?).

Or get someone to wire you some funds from home…
In any event, Bu Lai En is right; you have to get out asap, and Hong Kong is the cheapest way. Or if you have a return ticket home, go back there until you can save enough to come back to Taiwan. But don’t stay or you’ll have to pay mega fines.

To get your ARC canceled, the employer must report the fact that the has dismissed you to the same authority that issued your work permit in the first place. They then tell the police. How do you know your ARC has been canceled? Have the police notified you, or did the employer tell you himself?

I think everyone who wears a toga is plotting against me

This is a question i was also considering once i am about to have my first job here. I mean, if a contarct is cancelled if the emplyoyer can terminate my ARC/work visa whatever. So, it appears it can happen. So, in this case I will have to fly to HK, then come back as a tourist and job-haunt again during the 30 days i am allowed to be here with my tourist visa? However, as far as i know a tourist visa can not be switched to ARC… at least that is what i was told in the consultancy of Taiwan in my home country (europe).

If you are fired:

  1. Go to CLA and make sure you get paid as they have to give notice because of the contract
  2. Get the largest extension you can beg for from NIA, fall on the ground, beg and cry, that should work. :whistle:
  3. Find new ARC job immediately, good luck with that :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe… got it Okami… at least in the NIA dept. i went they were super nice and even if i did not have aaaaaall the documents to extend for few weeks my student visa, they made some phone calls and everything was done within minutes…

Good… I have found (at least here in Taichung) that the NIA people are super-helpful if you give them a chance. I actually reported my move to a new residence later than I should have (and they knew it too) but didn’t give me any problems about it… Just smile, be nice, apologize if needed and they typically will help you out if they can…