I have found a no contract gym in Zhongli


I found this gym in Zhongli City. Its been open for about a year or so. I have been there a few times I bought a [color=#BF0000]10 pass book for $1500NT ([/color]you will also get a[color=#FF0000] protein drink after[/color], it contains 13g of vanilla, choc, strawberry or banana powder with water). There are[color=#BF0000] no contracts[/color] too. [color=#BF0000]If you want to go once it’ll cost $160NT a visit[/color].

I usually go at night after 8pm and it is always empty. Its perfect to use if its raining outside and you cant go to the park to work out. The equipment is okay for the price and it doesnt have that night club vibe like WorldGym. I find its better than the government gyms which are too packed for me. I like to have the gym to myself. This gym probably isn’t for the serious body builder but for people who want to get/stay fit.

It’s an Herbalife gym. Just so you know. h24fitclubs.com/Information.html

Gyms here in the Bay Area mostly no longer have contracts. There is good and bad about contracts. In general I would say no contracts is much better. I think 24 Hour Fitness you pay first and last month as an initial payment, plus a joining fee of some 70 bucks or so. And each month, depending on the place, could be as much as 60/month. There is a huge one near me that really is 24 hours (many 24 hour fitness centers are not actually 24 hours) that is 60/month. It has a big indoor pool and really is a huge standalone complex. Very crowded though!

I use a tiny gym across the street that used to be a 24 Hour Fitness but it closed at no later then 11 , usually earlier. No contract. Only 10/month , plus an annual membership fee of about 35 bucks IIRC. Small but reasonable. Has about 70 pieces of machines in it i guess. And it has nice equipment and is a pleasant place to go. My wife goes 3 times a week, i try to make it at least twice/week.

The first gym i joined here in 99 was at the STonestown mall in SF. And that had a 3 year contract at some 35/month. No joining fee IIRC. After that it went to 24 dollars a YEAR.

Funny thing. Lucky i lived in SF during the 3 years and i tended to use the gym at least 3 times a week (it had no pool but a decent jacuzzi) because I was spending 35 bucks anyway.

But i then moved out of the area just in time for it to be 24 dollars a YEAR. And i paid for the first year and then skipped it entirely.

I am sure it loses money at 24 bucks a year. That is not enough to sustain a proper gym. It’s business model was continual attraction of contracted 35/month people.

I think they have revised their terms. Because I don’t think this works long term.

Long term, charging enough to maintain the premises and equipment and staff and also to make a worthwhile profit is important.

Of course they can only charge what the market can bear. But if the gym does not make a decent enough profit, the equipment will wear out eventually and the gym will become less and less attractive a place to be in.

p.s. how does the gym being a Herbalife gym differ from a regular gym? I don’t think we have Herbalife gyms here.