I have friendship problem with Taiwan female friends

I am a korean who is living Taiwan for over 18 yrs.
i can say that i almost grow up in taiwan.
my step father is a japanese…
so i can tell that my family education is abit mixed…
i am not living in korea and Japan… but i dun have problem with Korean and Japanese friends who is living in Taiwan.
and even my korean elementery schoolmates we still contact each other…
still good friend…
but i really dun understand Taiwanese female friends… >"<
even i m doing much better with male friends in here.

when i was in univ… i moved to near school … and my roomate was same department who is from HongKong…
and another roommate is from Tailand…
other two girls are TAiwanese

me and hk girl … we always like to hang on party in the weekend.
sometimes in hot summer… we drunk beer in living room while watch TV.
but we never bring boys to our place.
but Taiwan girls always bring their boy friend and their boy friend always pass over night there…
they alway say " study 2gether"
funny thing is… taiwanese girls thinks me and hk girl are " bad girl "
coz we drink and hanging party all the time and we makeup when we go to class…
one day, i was late at class for 20 mins…
then one female professer yelling me " r u a hoker or student :noway: "

I never wear less in school… i wear jin and T-shirt + dying hair+ a little make up… ( not like other Korean girls make up soooo much )

i still remember our department’s fleshmen welcome party…
i wear very sexy and fency… coz that was dancing party with bend…
then whole students shock on me … and no one dance with me
so i had to left in the middle of party
i just wear the Modanna style only … T__T

still try hard to be good friend with tw girls…
but it is so hard… coz i dun what they are thinking…
and very hard to communicate…

  1. they never show me their boyfriends
  2. they always deny they had sexy with their bf
  3. they never accept my sexualy funny joke
  4. when we go out with male friend they never pay… T___T
    ( wtf ? they always think that must be paid by man @@ )
  5. they always talk about money >"< ( i knows girls like it _ but not that seriously always … )
  6. they always think that i dun some plastic surgery !! @@

I think it is culture problem between us
coz i know they are not bad girls…
they are very good and nice person…
just no one is talkable friend in taiwan…

I m still only hanging with korean female friends only…
u guys going well with taiwanese friends ?

Hi Sara, welcome to forumosa. :rainbow:

My take is you’re a nice young lass surrounded by a few dickheads. Might pay to branch out a bit and meet some different people - posting on Forumosa is a good start, although there is a smaller percentage of Taiwanese here than, say, just about any bar in Taipei… Keep your eyes open; there’re lots of great people out there. It’s sometimes just a bit difficult to see this when you’re surrounded by, well, dickheads.

You drink. That’s a good thing. Don’t give it up for anyone. It’s one of things I like most about Koreans. :smiley:

Don’t worry, not all Taiwanese girls are alike; some of them will be perfect friends for you! Just keep going out and meeting people, and sooner or later you will find some very nice local girlfriends. :rainbow: Why don’t you start by joining animal rights groups like AnimalsTaiwan? You’d obviously fit right in! :wink:

I agree with many of those points. I have seen Taiwanese girls as university students, and as you say, BF can stay over, but drinking is for sluts!
Im not a woman, so I don’t see what you see, but I haer from MrsHill all the bitchy gossip at work, and its always about how much flesh certain people show, if they have big boobs (personally i love chatting with my partner about other womens tits), people who only work EIGHT hours per day etc.
I met MrsHill at university in England, where we were both studying the same masters degree. (touching story) Anyhoo, so were about 9 other Taiwanese. Over the year I got to know them all, as they lived in each others pockets. Tomorrow night MrsHill is going for a reunion dinner, “for everyone who studied on the course who now lives in Taiwan.” I have not been invited. MrsHill, whom I love, said I wasn’t invited cos I’m not Taiwanese. So even when you are in the circle of trust, don’t expect much more than constant xenophobia.

Well,Im Taiwanese girl. :smiley:
First I want to say not every girl like your roommates.
Actually,we are easy to chat with and get along with.
Maybe they are waiting for your invitation of partying thing.
why dont you talk to them start with the issues girls like.makeup,bf…
That will help. :laughing:
Good luck.Taiwanese girls are cute,anyway. :blush:

i think i tried many times to be in thier group…
but mostly they hate me in the end without reason what i duno…
just like…
she went to trevel… and brought many pic…
and she was showing to other girls…
then if i tried to see and ask some…
she replied "oh u r such a curious girl " with very haten voice…

hmm maybe i will keep trying to meet people …
coz i like to hang with people and social…

i really miss girls chit chats… since 3 of my korean friends married …
one married tw man, but they moved to US.
and one married french guy who was worked in taiwan in french company. then her husband sent back to france… so she also left to france of course :p…
sometimes we talk on phone… she also miss friends… she is so lonely in Paris.
then One the other friend also married french guy who met in Beijoing @@
so she went to france ! ( hmmm Korean girls love french guy ? @@ )

yes, tw girls are very cute… maybe the problem is i still didn’t figure out how to deal with them ??
lingq…u do chat about sexual relationship with ur other tw girls friends ?
or u girls never talk about personal relationship ?
what u girls usually chat ?

Well ,Sara,If the girl acts so mean :frowning: then its not your problem.I think she is jealous of you. what a sham!
I suggest you dont try to be her friend just being a commom neighbor.say hello when you meet her.
If you are not close friends ,you’d better keep away the topic about sexual relationship.Some people are shy about those things.So if you keep talking it ,that really upset them. :unamused:
when I am with my friends we talk everything.
If we cant talk ,then we wont be friends I think.

Good luck ! :wink:

I never talk about personal relationship thing to not fermilier people first
but most of taiwanese when they meet me…
ask so many question… where u live… how many bro and sis … do u have bf… what do u do for living… what do i like to eat…
then they act like very permilier person … and start to talk about themself first… but i realized… their talking about " personal stuff " and my " personal stuffs are different
they always keep their " protection "
they never trust you 100% but they act like very good with u…
but now i know that now…
so i dun reply much :stuck_out_tongue:

ohh i forgot to ask, lingq u got many forign friends ?

i believe that u go well with others … u looks very easy going person,

:blush: yes,its true chinese dont know what is personal stuff.
But they just try to realize you more and show their careness.

If those questions make you feel umcomfortable,you can change topic or tell them directly.Thats the best way. :wink:

[quote=“sara8888”]ohh I forgot to ask, lingq u got many forign friends ?

I believe that u go well with others … u looks very easy going person,[/quote]

well,I got around 7 foreign friends.not many though.
I respect and cherish my friends. :slight_smile:

hehe… i think most of problem was culture problem…
so maybe me and tw girls are not able to chat more deeply from the heart…

i less have friends in taiwan.
i can say i have only 3 !!! hahahaha

i have some greek friends but they are too far…
i miss them sooo much !!! :noway:

"I am a Korean who is living Taiwan for over 18 yrs.
I can say that i almost grow up in taiwan
i less have friends in taiwan.
I can say I have only 3 !!! hahahaha "

:noway: why?

All of that just sounds like all women to me! But then, I really don’t get on well with women.
However, I worked with a bunch of uptight young Taiwanese girls at a previous job. One night I invited them all for bbq at my house. We ended up playing truth or dare (believe it or not, not my suggestion). The unmarried ones revealed a bit about their love lives, but I was surprised at how inexperienced and shy they were. Only one had gone to “third base” (as they called it!), and the other one only got a kiss from her boyfriend after about six months!
However, when the married girls started going it was a different story completely. One even admitted to doing pole dancing for her husband and tying him up in bed. It seems that the whole unmarried/married boundary thing is still very much in place here.
That said, you’re obviously less conservative…why try to fit in with a crowd that doesn’t want you. I hang out a lot with the more arty/musicy crowd in Taiwan because it’s just a better fit…it works for me. When winter is over and I finally leave my apartment again, that is. :slight_smile:

They are very jealous of you, dear…

Petty jealousy is quite a normal thing here in Taiwan.

Why do you think they don’t want to introduce you to their boyfriends? You are probably more attractive then they are, and it sounds like you are a heck of a lot more fun!

BTW, I am a foreign woman who has been here for 5 years. I have Taiwanese female acquaintances (i.e. people I work with and spouses of friends) but no true Taiwanese female friends after all of these years. I simply have nothing in common with them…and it sounds as if you don’t either. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that…don’t fret!

If I were you, I would concentrate less on them and more on making foreign friends who have more in common with you! :slight_smile:

:noway: :blush:
I hope you dont think Taiwanese girls hard to get along with.
Actually,we are easy to chat with.
I know there are some foreign friends have good Taiwanese friends,too.

[quote=“lingq”]:noway: :blush:
I hope you dont think Taiwanese girls hard to get along with.
Actually,we are easy to chat with.
I know there are some foreign friends have good Taiwanese friends,too.[/quote]

maybe that’s coz u are taiwanese…
i really dun have much common with them… :frowning:
just like twonavels said…
we also play some truth and dare…
and i was first… then i did say true… then others wtf all vergine ???
i was pissed off… but i know shouldn’t …

yes Indiana… i use to have one female friend when i was in Univ…
she was overseas taiwanese who is grow up in US…
she is also 100% taiwanese… but she was totally different…
i liked her very much… but she returned to NY T_T

Indiana if u have bbq next time i’d like to join !!! heh heh ~~

well,no offense.
I think you lived in Taiwan for 18yrs.Then you should know Taiwanese well.How they act,how they talk, and the way they r thinking.
But Im still surprised you didnt have any Taiwanese girls friends.
I have a friend shes from Thai.we are good friends.
we dont have any problem.
i really dont know what happened to you.
Maybe just you meet the wrong person.
But I think there will be a taiwanese girl who you could be your friend.
Again,Taiwanese girls are not hard to be with. :slight_smile:

At least ,my foreign friends say Im easy going to be with. :laughing:

[quote=“lingq”]:oops: yes,its true Chinese dont know what is personal stuff.
But they just try to realize you more and show their careness.

If those questions make you feel umcomfortable,you can change topic or tell them directly.Thats the best way. :wink:[/quote]

They are looking for weakness!! :laughing: