I hit a taxi, he insisted to drive on

I just slightly damaged a taxi with my scooter. Noone hurt, no other damages. I wanted to call the police. The driver insisted it’s ok - if I pay him some money. He wants to continue driving, since he has a passenger.

I took a photo of his car including damage and license plate, he took a photo of my license plate and I gave him my name card and the small ammount of money he wanted for his literal fender bender.

I’m at police across the street from where it happened right now reporting… so that I can’t be accused of simply leaving an accident scene. They said the driver cheated me because of he has insurance, but I don’t care right now - just want no trouble. Also, I’m quite sure his insurance would simply ask the money from me.

Any other ideas? Anything else to think of now?

say a prayer of thanks that it went that smoothly, given the circumstances


Who ever reports first is safer, however if you report it you could get sucked into the tar baby

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Indeed, I did. Atheistically, but I did.

Tar? Like… What? I just want to avoid trouble.

Kind of like a scarecrow, but made out of tar, and if you touch it you get stuck in it, and the more you struggle to break free the more it sticks to you.

So id imagine something like you report it, they contact him, tell him you reported it, then you both have to go to the cops to make statements, then there are miss understandings, blah blah

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So, just not report? Hope he will not either?

If you hear some nonsense from him, send me the pic of his plate and I’ll add a sticker:“Went to Wuhan for Chinese new year and all I got was this lousy sticker” to the back of his car. That should keep him busy for a while.


I hate to worry you, but here is a story if it helps.

My friend’s car was hit by a scooter running a red light. There was no significant damage and the scooter rider said he was fine and wanted to get to work so leave it at that.

My friend was then contacted by police as the scooter rider had complained he’d left the scene of an accident. My friend ended up paying 110k in compensation. There are some real shitheads out there.


Probably better to report it then…


If you’re ever in an accident always report it! Whoever leaves the scene is automatically at fault for the accident. If someone tells you all is fine, it’s a minor fender bender, get them to sign a statement, video them saying it or do what you should do and call the police. The police will confirm if both parties want an official report or are willing to settle it privately.


Police called the driver, seems he confirmed we are ok and settled. But they still record the accident info now, I showed them where it happened. Will have to sign the report, and that’s it. If I understand correctly.


It was your chance to report the taxi driver fled the scene and get rich! /s


Are you assuming I’m not rich yet? How DARE you :rofl:


Actually, they asked the taxi driver to come to the scene and sign the report together.

Hope all will be ok. Originally I wanted to avoid involving the other guy again, so as to not make him think of how to mafan or Sue or whatever me… I figured the money I paid him was realistic for fixing (based on own experience), and figured I’d likely pay similar but have more hassles if his insurance claims the damage from me later.

The taxi probably realized that he might lose if pressed.

The scooter will usually (always?) win the money is what I’ve come to understand and also told by Taiwan friends.

I’ve been driving and hit by a scooter at least 5 times and they have always rode away. Twice just sitting perfectly still.

One time a lady hit me, fruit flew all over the street, I’m getting out of the car while she picked up fruit, then she jumped on scooter and left.

Never reported.

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So here’s what happened after I went to the police - for reference, if anyone gets into a similar situation:

The police made a sketch of the scene, what happened, and also wrote under it that I paid x NTD to the driver and we agreed to be OK now.

They took our data like addresses etc., and checked if we drank alcohol. Another policeman helped by video phonecall to translate for me.

Then they asked both parties to sign the sheets with our respective data, and the common sheet discribing what happened.

Each party got a copy of “their” sheet with their data and I guess what is a case number.

We didn’t get the common sheet with the details, but police said we can get it by applying on a website given on “our” sheet.


So did the taxi driver go to the station with you? It sounded like you paid him and he left.

He was called by phone by the police and came back

Did the taxi driver give s statement saying he won’t sue you for damages nor anything?