I just heard I am being sued. And while I believe it

SuchAFob… before I start, the following is absolutely not having a go at you. It comes from sincere concern about you not getting booted out of Taiwan, okay?

Forget the lawsuit. It’s all smoke and mirrors until someone actually sues you and I’ll eat my hat if that happens - and it’s a VERY nice hat.

However, I’m VERY concerned about your legal status and worried that you might say something to the wrong person that will get you a one way ticket off the island.

I’ve seen a few of your posts about ARCs, Visas etc. and I get the impression that you’re not 100% sure on what basis you’re living in Taiwan or what people are doing on your behalf. It’s VERY VERY important that you get to grips with this now and fully understand your situation because ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of Taiwan’s immigration officials.

I want to clarify some stuff as I see it so far:

  1. You say that you are on a ‘work visa’. The only visitor visa I know of that permits work involves a temporary performance permit. I’ll admit I know next to bugger all about the performance permit system but I know of people who have tried - and failed - to work legally as performers in Taiwan for extended periods. I’m very suspicious about this agency and if my suspicions are correct then you could get them into a lot more trouble than them you.

What does your current visa say under ‘VISA TYPE’ and ‘REMARKS’?

  1. I gather that you are applying for a student-based visa + ARC. Are you fully aware of the working restrictions surrounding the student ARC?