I just saw the saddest sight in the world

Why do you say that? There’s hardly enough evidence to support a failed marriage here. :laughing:

I threw out some of ours. I hope the recycle guy in the blue truck doesn’t think my wife is available! :astonished:[/quote]


Sure, Taiwanese “Wedding Photos” are generally horrible, but they’re good for a laugh a few years later…I’d keep them for pure comedic value.[/quote]
Because they had fallen out of the oversized album and were folded over and creased and we are not really collectors of what housecat calls youthful “vanity.” :slight_smile:

Well, regardless if it means a failed marriage or not, or if that is a good thing or not, it sounds like it would have made for an interesting picture, so long as you could get it to come out right with the rain and all.

I fail to see the sadness, unless it was someone one knows.
More poignant than anything.
Did you take a photo?

That’s a grand analogy, as long as there was some hedging of shrubbery at the far end.

The saddest?

It would be sadder if the wife were abandoned on the sidewalk with the picture.

It would be sadder still if the wife were wearing her wedding dress.