I keep falling down

I’m oldish (approaching 60), and I’ve been falling a lot, lately. Particularly on stairs. I have to hold onto the handrail at all times, which bothers me, because they’re filthy. Rushing for the MRT in Xindian tonight, I fell over and grazed one of my knees, quite severely. Luckily, the conductor was a kind fellow and waited for me to drag my broken carcass off the floor before disembarking.

My legs seem to have become really weak. I’m a small bloke, but have always been relatively strong for my size.

I had a disk removed in my spine 20 years ago, which has rendered my right leg partially paralysed. I can’t bend the toes in that leg.

It hasn’t bothered me too much up to now, but the falling-over is vexing me.

Neurologists just look at me like I’m a wildling.

I fall over all the time, even when when I’m sober.

Any ideas, learned friends?


Is it a balance issue or a muscle weakness issue that’s making you fall?

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What diagnostics have you had done? Were you referred to a neurologist, or is that where you started?

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I don’t know. It’s probably muscle, but it could be either. Hence, I’m asking for advice. Thanks for your reply.

Has it progressively become worse? Or is it something you just recently experienced with periods where you’re ok and periods where you are worse?

It’s been happening progressively over the last couple of years. Whenever I walk on stairs, I have to hold the handrail. I fell over on the MRT stairs a couple of times, and a couple of times at my university. Really embarrassing. And my knees look really fucked-up.

You are at the age where ALS symptoms usually starts. Have the doctors checked for this? It’s a possibility, but you didn’t report any other neurological issues so I’m hopeful this is not the case.

If you drink a lot, you might be experiencing long term issues from damages caused by alcohol. Alcohol doesn’t just affect the liver like most people think. Your kidneys are also affected. Kidney issues can cause electrolyte imbalance issues. Electrolytes are needed for muscle contraction and control, having an imbalance can cause your muscles to be very weak and seem to be paralyzed. This happened to me where I was temporarily paralyzed to very weak in the legs.

You could also deplete vitamins like B vitamins that are necessary for neurological functions from alcohol in the long term causing these issues.

This is not to say you’re an alcoholic, it could be genetic, I have a genetic issue with kidneys so I don’t drink trying to avoid any issues.


I am an alcoholic. But I try not to drink before walking down stairs. :slight_smile:

Perchance I need some professional help.


Your organ functions usually get worse with age. So alcohol consumption could cause some of these issues you wouldn’t have experience as a young man.

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@Andrew0409, I thank you for your kind words and wisdom. I shall endevour not to be a nasty bitch to you in the future. :heart:


Get a full body check up, JP. You’ve got the insurance, but it’s cheap anyway.


Maybe you should consider getting a cane.

Best of luck. I can understand the embarrassment part. People were staring at me when I couldn’t get up and down the stairs not knowing I was having medical issues.

Glad we got that clarified.

I still feel a bit off balance sometimes even a couple days after drinks. Could just be remnants.

I also feel weak/off balance if I don’t get much exercise for a couple days.

Maybe try to do a few squats daily. Maintain some strength.

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To give you six of the best? Great idea!

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to keep you from falling… :roll_eyes:

You often take things quite literally.



You really should go see a doctor instead of asking a bunch of nobodies on the internet.


I’d suggest taking up tai chi. It’s actually pretty easy on the knees if done properly, and it does wonders for your balance. It’s frequently prescribed for old folks with balance issues like yourself. A regular tai chi practice will also make you feel better in general.