<<I Left My Heart in Aegean Sea>>

or something like that title.

I Left My Heart in Aegean Sea

I saw this book in the bookstore today. It was written, photo’d, by some guy name Yu Chang Chen who has an English name Justin, and his book is now #6 bestseller here. It’s nothing but photos of Greece, as far as I can tell. It was published by Locus Books, sells for NT$250 and from wife tells me that the guy’s website has 2 million hits already in 6 months or less!

Who is the guy Justin Chen, and what is this book about, and why is a bestseller here? My wife also said some TV show made a documentary about that guy and that is how his book became so popular?

here are some links. Maybe those who read Chinese can decipsher and explain. Thanks bunches.


books.com.tw/exep/prod/books … 0010229050

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Winter, what a boring post. who cares about that stuff anyway. I went to Greece a long time ago and stayed in a cave with Joanie Mitchell and Judy Collins and David Geffen and we wrote several songs together including FREE MAN IN PARIS. Who cares about a photo book in Taiwan by someone no one ever heard of. You can “read” the book for free on his website, it’s all photos. Please, winter, I know you are bored, the ad business sucks, you can’t write clever copy to save your life, Wolman could take your job in a minute and write much better sloggins, so please, make sense next time or forever get out of here. I can make life miserable for people like you, Johnny Winter, you poseur!

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