I lost control and accidentally ran into a taxi

Hi guys I need some help. When I was riding a bicycle, I lost control and accidentally ran into a taxi. The taxi has scratches. I didn’t tell the owner after the incident, because there was no one there. they’re maybe sleeping because it’s already 12 in the midnight. It happens along the highway. What should I do? When I try to go to incident this morning to inform the taxi owner, the taxi is not there. I need some advices thanks

Are there any cameras there?
Was it an old taxi? What kind of car?

If you wrote his number plate down you could go into any police station and ask they help put you in contact with the driver.

If not, if the taxi driver is a creature of habit they will likely park there again and you can leave a note on the windshield.

Not withstanding those two opinions, you might want to hope the answer to this is “no”

Or that the taxi driver figures the damage is so slight a quick touchup on the paint is less hassle than trying to pull security footage.

Just out of curiosity, how did it happen?

Why was the taxi parked on the highway? And why were you cycling on it? Why did you hit it?were you drunk or checking instagram? weird story.


If the taxi was parked illegally then it’s not your fault. He shouldn’t have parked there.

That’s not totally true. You need to be able to avoid any obstacle at any time when driving a ‘vehicle’ or in this case bicycle. You need to be in control.


Well when a vehicle is parked illegally meaning a cyclist must move further into the street to avoid it, but at the same time other vehicles are speeding by not caring about cyclists, then it really is the taxi driver’s fault for parking there.

The taxi driver will only get fined for illegal parking.

If you caused damage and there were cameras the driver could go to the police for the tapes. But then will he bother with the police if it’s just scratches instead of a massive dent? And even if they see you on the tapes is there an easy way to find you (ie you’re not East Asian and live in the area)?

Whatever taxi man asks for “settlement” is going to be more than the police’s hit and run fine.

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There is a camera but it’s a bit far.

There is a pain where the cars can park there. I was riding a bicycle going to a 24 hours shop to buy something and there is a motorcycle :motorcycle: passing by and shouted. I got shocked and terrified, and when I pull the break I’m near at the taxi and hit it

When I Look to it There’s no dent it’s only a long scratches.

It’s a toyota maybe vios. The taxi is not that old.

Both the legally right and the honorable thing is to find the driver in the ways outlined above


There’s a white paint

Hitting an illegally parked vehicle automatically makes the illegal parker 15% at fault, definitely not 100%. The rest of the “fault” is determined by an accident investigation board.


I’d probably just let it go. It doesn’t sound like major damage, and it’s not a Lambo. This taxi will get scratched way worse in no time. What goes around comes around. Your vehicle will get scratched one day too, and then you’ll be even. In the meantime that taxi driver will probably have scratched someone’s car as well. All cool.

I’d be more worried about scooter riders shouting at me to be honest. Ride safely, if needed and where allowed, on the sidewalk.


Doesn’t sound like a highway if it has parking spaces on it, and if there’s not enough space for a motorbike to pass you.

I wouldn’t worry about it, sounds like it’s the motorbikes fault for yelling at you. Be more careful about the traffic on the road next time.

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Ive had my scooter scratched by just about everyone. Nobody has ever stopped and let me know about it. I even had my scooter knocked over (I hope it was by accident) and the expensive headlight housing shattered and the cops wouldn’t even let me look at the surveillance cameras and tried to tell me it was the wind.

I had my wallet stolen on the street a decade ago and the cops tried telling me all the cameras in the area were offline so i would highly doubt they would go through the cameras for a scratch, too much mafan

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