I lost my wallet on the bus

I lost my wallet on the bus 793, is there a way to find it as soon as possible? It’s been three days already and there is no calls from the police yet. I’m a university student and it worries me a lot.

Have you tried getting in touch with the bus company?

I posted this in another topic for someone else recently. Try this.

I did but still no response

I want to but midterm is also coming up but all the things are so new to me

It just takes an hour. Get on the same bus. Run it all the way to the end. The bus depot is where the lost and found is.


Sorry for your lost.

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Have you tried asking / going to the bus depot? I wouldn’t expect anyone to call. Maybe a slight chance if you put a contact card in your wallet. I lost my backpack in an Uber once, went to the police station, and they refused to release personal phone contact for the driver so I had to go through Uber.

Get on exactly the same bus! My son forgot some stuff on a bus once, we rang the bus company lost and found and they said they’d have the driver check etc etc. By fluke of chance he got exactly the same bus and driver on the way home hours later, his stuff was still sitting on the same seat where he left it. Bit worried about the drivers eyesight if he couldn’t find it. Presumably cleaners don’t clean or don’t touch stuff on buses so depot lost and found may not have anything.

This is good, but he might not know which one is the actual bus he took unless he paid attention to the licence plate number.