I love Avril Lavigne

Does anyone like Avril here?
Please contact me if you love AVRIL LAVIGNE. I want to make friends with U.

Omigod! I totally know what you’re talking about! I LOVE AVRIL! She is so totally awesome! Because of her I’m not embarrassed to be Canadian any more.

Hey! Maybe we should start a Taiwan Fan Club!

Don’t worry, we all slip occasionally.

Tetsuo wrote:

Yes, call it “youthful folly”, call it “struggling with sexuality”, refer to it as “momentary madness” or a reaction to a bad brew.

Whatever the reason, be kind, people. Forgive him for he knows not what he posts. :wink:

When I went back to Canada this summer I discovered that Avril was a hug hit with the grade two kids in my niece’s school. From Barney to Avril in 2 years, that’s some leap.

I wanna b her sk8er boi, cuz she’s so, like, totally real and totally punk. She’s more punk than Sid Vicious evr wuz!!!

Not really. They’re both fake, and they both aim their stuff at about the same intellectual level.

Sandman, that was a hilarious post. I don’t laugh out loud much. Actually, I don’t laugh much, but that was pretty funny stuff.

I interviewed the Dwarves once and their singer Blag, said something very disgusting about Avril Lavigne. Can read it here if you like:



Avril Lavigne? Ugh. Horrible flavor-of-the-month type music, not to mention without the 10 lbs of makeup she routinely wears on her face she is…rather unsightly. :fatchance:

why do you love her so much, because the media told you to? does she write any of her own music? give me a break.

There’s nothing wrong with not writing your own music. Classical musicians often don’t write their own stuff, nor a lot of jazz artists. It’s more a matter of whether the stuff is crap anyway, and if the performer has any talent.

Arvil’s big brothers…take a listen :bouncy:

(I just previewed this- he bounces in time to “Rockaway beach”!)

maybe so, but if someone is going to call themselves a musician, they should be able to back that up with some lyrics they have written or some music they have composed. otherwise, dont refer to them as a musician-they may be a pop star but if they cant create music then they are not a musician.

most likely they are the music industries latest attempt to make some money. pick a cute girl, have someone write some catchy songs for her, put her on top 40, give her a grammy , and presto, you have a cash machine for 1 to 5 years.