I LOVE China Airlines!

Iris, you’ll find in the aviation biz that if the pilots die in the accident, it was their fault. It’s much less work for everybody…

Well, the news is that Monday I will fly to Shanghai for a three-week business trip. I’ll be traveling with the boss, who always flies China Airlines business class.

So, as I’m suddenly getting religion, pray for me.

alleycat, believe it or not, i have some special albeit distant connections with the Force, and knowing of your sudden fear of flying worries right now, i am putting out a worldwide prayer alert for you right now via the Internet. Rest in peace, I mean, don’t worry, the flight will be okay and there will no problems. China Airlines is just as good as any other airline. You will be fine. Ne worry pas. Have fun, have a good trip, bon voyage as we say in Quebec!@

I flew china airlines from HK to Taipei recently - better than the mainland carriers, who don’t bother to wash their planes or fix all the small things that break down inside the cabin. (I have tried to fly once recently in a China Eastern plane, where my seat back wouldn’t stay upright). Add to that that mainland pilots fly like they were flying a MIG 21 (lots of narrow turns and the landing feels like crashing - BOOM (Hitting the tarmac like skydiver who forgot to open his parachute), flight attendant:ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived in Jinan airport please remain seated until… REMAIN SEATED I said YOU SIT DOWN. NOW!!!

China Airlines or the mainland ones: Buy, don’t fly. ()

Didn’t see this thread before. Here’s something to make you feel… concerned, Alleycat.

I’ve known 2 China Airlines employees for a while. One is an Australian pilot who came to CA a few years ago when the airline was trying to ‘internationalize’ and hire some foreign pilots to replace all those wacky ROC airforce pilots. He was shocked at the general lack of procedure and unwillingness of the flight crew to follow what procedures existed. Yikes!

The other CA employee I know is a flight attendant (and a damn fine-looking one at that… perhaps the only saving grace CA has). She says the airline told her that the most recent crash over the Taiwan Strait (on that HK-TPE route) was caused by an American spy plane that got too close, causing the CA plane to veer off, after which it lost control and crashed. What the :shock: ?! Where did that come from? Anyone else heard this story? Or did CA make this up for internal propoganda purposes (not very creative, just borrowing from the American CP-3-spy-plane-over-Hainan event a few years ago)???


Oh, sure they made up that face-saving nonsense. Last I read, the aircraft broke up in mid-air due to a structural failure of the tail section(fatigue). Many years before the same aircraft had been involved in a landing incident in HK and damaged its tail. The tail was patched up the aircraft continued to fly.

The crash investigators found large fatigue cracks all emanating ftom the patched tail section. Thus the responsibility for the crash, yet again, lies with CA. Fatigue cracks are normal in aircraft and “creep” slowly with age. Regular maintenance checking will observe and measure these and take action when the cracks reach a proscribed length. Clearly, CA was derelict in its maintenance.

As soon as the new channels had their fill the CHina Airlines crash was old news

This could also be sad for the Alishan Train crash and the bus fire that killed 10 people last week

Perhaps it is me and I do not stay up with events, but I saw no conclusions on teh cause or recommendatons from an enquiry of these accidents that would prevent them from occuring in the future. I am sure there was liabilty, ‘blame a person not the system’.

The standard investigation was used again " how much money to buy off the family of the victom?"

Taiwanese really do seem to have short memories

A month after the crash the secretary at work tried to get me on a China Airline flight to HK. When I metioned the CA crash and how I would prefer another airline, she said I was just being over worried about it,. CHINA AIRLINES is a good safe airline

Question is though, how can there be such a difference between EVA and CA. EVA have not crashed or lost a plane yet

It’s bad joss, Taipan.

It was partly boeings fault. The patch used to repair the tail was of the wrong material - and that repair was based on Boeings advice.

Well all this discussion regarding CA’s faults is doing me absolutely no good. No good whatsoever!

Looks like I’ll be slurping Scotch well before take off on Monday.

Sorry, Alleycat! :blush:

I always swore I would never fly CA, but I flew with them in June, there being no other choice. I’m still here, and I’m sure you’ll be fine! :smiley:

Don’t worry, China Airlines planes don’t crash often, only the once.

Except that one in the Philipines a few years ago that crashed 3 times in a week.

Wait till you fly with a mainland pilot. He’ll fly your guts out.

Hmmm… I actually had a good experience with a Mainlander. I few round trip from Beijing to Qingdao 2 years ago (I think the carrier was called Shandong Air). I actually had (I’m not kidding now) good service service and a smooth flight. Too bad both Beijing and Qingdao were way below my expectations.