I loved my last job, but am wondering if I could find a similar one in Taipei


I used to work for the Gloria English cram school in Taoyuan.

I enjoyed it for what it was - they provided housing for around a year, paid the standard 600nt/hr, had coteachers. It was the first job I can say that I actually loved.

I might consider returning there, however, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a school with similar benefits closer to the Taipei area (city proper or New Taipei City). I’ve heard mixed things about Shane and Hess - and almost no one I talked to there had a positive opinion about their work.

This is the order of what I find to be important:

  1. A staff that treats you like a human
  2. At least 600NT pay
  3. Taiwanese co-teachers
  4. Some amount of housing provided (not necessary, but was great).

Thank you


Shouldn’t be too hard to find, but why limit yourself to a cram school? Also, 600 NTD is a bit on the low side.