I’m worried that she might not like me as much as I like her. What do I do?




My one penny
If she is spending a lot of time with you it means she likes you



So is the OP on one of these tours in taiwan?


Who knows. Probably an advertisement bot?

Or just a guy who’s into the girl from the foreign affairs office lol.


You should let her know you’re interested. Send her a photo of your manhood.





I don’t even want to know what those are for. I like the mesh though.


Looks to me it’s a sack to nicely package your Schwetty balls. A…Schwetty ball sack.


Whoa wait… this girl he’s chatting to is a connection he made on a site intended for DATING and MARRIAGE, and he’s wondering if she likes him? I hate to be blunt, but this dude needs to grow a pair.


And then send her a photo.


But when did it become socially acceptable to display one’s schwetty balls in a mesh sack? Don’t answer that!

Or at least descend a pair.


Of Schwetty balls? :smirk:


They can only get schwetty after they’ve descended…it’s basic biology, man.


Don’t forget–your sweetie will be impressed if you dress it up in a cute little outfit.


Those girls from Foreign Affair are a whole other breed, unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else on the planet. However, I suggest inserting the following phrases in your next communication:
“Hey, Foreign Affair girl, I like you.”
“Would you like to meet up this weekend?”
“I hear they have some Christmas decorations up in Banchiao. Maybe we could go out for some coffee, and check out the Lin Family Garden and the display.”

Feel free to substitute the girl’s real name for “Foreign Affairs girl”, and if you know that she hates Christmas and/or the Lin Family, replace them with “a movie” and "the precision marching event at the CKS Memorial Hall."
Good luck.




Dude, don’t give away the playbook! That’s, like, actionable intelligence.


I’d never heard of it before, but I’m just amusing myself reading profiles of 20-year-old single mothers who like to go to church and are looking for long-term relationships.