I’m worried that she might not like me as much as I like her. What do I do?


As long as you’re just amusing yourself, it’s OK.


Is that the euphemism the kids are using these days?


They all seem to be wearing clothes that lack fasteners, but they’re not that amusing.


What’s the deal with this site? The quick blurb I read on Wikipedia made it sound like a mail-order bride site.


Say, does anybody read the comic strip Mary Worth? For the last couple of weeks, we’ve watched portly Californian journalist Wilbur Weston deal with his new Colombian girlfriend Fabiana, who urges him to buy her an emerald ring as a sign of his devotion. Check it out, and click “forward” if you want to see what happens:


As soon as Pedro was introduced, I guessed the ending. I guess my “gold digger radar” is finely tuned.


She totally cucked Wilbur (am I using that right?).


Oh. Really? I thought it was actually someone from MOFA. Not Asian Tinder…


I think calling it “Asian Tinder” is generous…


Yeah, I thought he’s missed the ‘s’ off the end. I didn’t realise it was a, um, dating site.

Frankly I’d say the OP would be better off using Tinder. I’m really surprised there are even any Taiwanese women posting there - the site seems to specialise in women from failed states. I wonder if we’ve got another case of someone confusing ‘Taiwan’ with ‘Thailand’?




There’s still a chance of her re-appearing with some innocent explanation. But yeah, most likely it will end like this. Most MW fans expect Wilbur to end up with the woman he spurned back home (Iris), who has been frolicking with a much young man (Zak) while she and Wilbur were on a “break.”


There are Mary Worth fans?



I didn’t realize it was a continuity strip. I vaguely recall seeing it in the paper in the … early 90s? I think she may have been a married mother with young kids then.


Did they kill off the kids in a series of special strips?

I want to know more about this fat, schlubby sex-tourist Wilbur. He’s comedy gold.


No–Mary has been an old lady since the 1930’s. The strip features a revolving cast of characters who live in her apartment complex and turn to her for advice at key moments.


I think it’s no coincidence that this pasty cuck is cast as a journalist. This is one subversive comic strip.


“No banging your head on the display case please. It contains a very rare Mary Worth in which she has advised a friend to commit suicide. Thank you.”


The way I see it, a 27 years old male virgin joins Formosa and doesn’t hesitate to fuck with all you guys while hesitating and being very careful/precocious with his online date.


I can’t believe I googled this … I was remembering Sally Forth, not Mary Worth. I do remember the Simpsons references, and I think I’ve spent my life with a tiny portion of my brain confusing Sally Forth with Mary Worth. However, this was a more efficient use of my brain than the presumedly more accurate re-organization that has happened today.

But now I’m even more confused about Sally Forth. When I do a Google Images search, there’s some really weird shit that appears.