I’m worried that she might not like me as much as I like her. What do I do?


That’s pretty much what normally happens when you do a google image search.


It remains one of my go-to shortcuts in the classroom when I don’t feel like explaining vocabulary … and yeah, once in a while I regret that.


Just don’t google Mary Worth Rule 34 whatever you do. And that goes doubly for our innocent OP.


foreign affairs???


I think what jo wrote is the way to go, invite her to drink/eat something then get to know her and you will see if the relationship can be more than friends.


I really need to hear the conclusion of justlove’s story. I refuse to just sit back and let this thread die.


Threads like love often dies


“Norman” has only spent <1min on this site. Cut-n-paste? I think we’ve been had.


Yup. Google shows the exact post has been pasted into multiple forums


Wow, that’s still around?


Ah, so it was product placement.


Product placement aimed at all those other 27 year old virgins out there? Someone doesn’t think much of us…


As long as they think I’m 27, I’m good with it! :wink:


We wasted time responding on that dingbat


I didn’t waste anything. That was the most fun I’ve had in days.


It’s all just mental masturbation in the end. Gotta keep those muscles toned!


Hey, I learned that Sally Worth and Mary Forth are two different comics! That’s not a waste of time!

Or was it Molly Firth and Salary Word? Or Sally Forth and Marty Ford? Damn, there’s no way I’m going to get that straight now…


Mary Worth is the strip with the dumpy, sex tourist cuckold named Wilbur.


If he’s a sex tourist, he doesn’t seem to be getting much. He must be the world’s least successful sex tourist.


Second least. After OP.