I made an alarm app that teaches you Chinese

It’s an Android app. It’s still pending review on Google Play but I added a download link below.
I dunno if “teaches” is the right word, but I made it to help me learn and remember words. Also because I snooze way too many times in the morning and I put in features to try and help with that also.

:brain: ThinkAwake: A free alarm clock that makes you smarter! :brain:

Wake up with ThinkAwake, the alarm app that not only gets you out of bed, but also helps you learn every day.

When it comes to learning, repetition is key, so ThinkAwake turns your morning wakeup into an opportunity to reinforce your knowledge.

:dart: Key Features :dart:
:bulb: Morning Quizzes: Answer questions or translate words to turn off the alarm.
:earth_africa: Language Learning: Start learning Chinese now, with Spanish coming soon!
:writing_hand: Custom Questions: Add your own Q&A pairs for the subject of your choice.
:loud_sound: Motivational Alarms: Set the app to speak at intervals to motivate you to rise and shine.

:bell: Why Choose ThinkAwake? :bell:

  • Reinforce your learning by practicing every day
  • Learn any subject with custom questions
  • Kickstart your day with a bit of productivity
  • Designed for those who find it hard to wake up

:rocket: Download ThinkAwake and transform your mornings into a valuable learning opportunity! :rocket:

I actually made this with the help of ChatGPT/GPT4, because I don’t know the Kotlin programming language, or Android development in general. Only a tad bit. I learned a lot from making it and did more code edits myself as it went, but GPT wrote the vast majority.

What I thought would take a couple days (because of how much GPT created on day one) turned into almost a month. So many things to take into account, and the feature list grew.

Download link for now: Download - UploadNow.io


I can’t recommend it atm because it’s giving me weird problems – the alarm doesn’t always sound when it’s supposed to. Which is, you know, kinda important.

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