I made an alarm app that teaches you Chinese

It’s an Android app. It’s still pending review on Google Play but I added a download link below.
I dunno if “teaches” is the right word, but I made it to help me learn and remember words. Also because I snooze way too many times in the morning and I put in features to try and help with that also.

:brain: ThinkAwake: A free alarm clock that makes you smarter! :brain:

Wake up with ThinkAwake, the alarm app that not only gets you out of bed, but also helps you learn every day.

When it comes to learning, repetition is key, so ThinkAwake turns your morning wakeup into an opportunity to reinforce your knowledge.

:dart: Key Features :dart:
:bulb: Morning Quizzes: Answer questions or translate words to turn off the alarm.
:earth_africa: Language Learning: Start learning Chinese now, with Spanish coming soon!
:writing_hand: Custom Questions: Add your own Q&A pairs for the subject of your choice.
:loud_sound: Motivational Alarms: Set the app to speak at intervals to motivate you to rise and shine.

:bell: Why Choose ThinkAwake? :bell:

  • Reinforce your learning by practicing every day
  • Learn any subject with custom questions
  • Kickstart your day with a bit of productivity
  • Designed for those who find it hard to wake up

:rocket: Download ThinkAwake and transform your mornings into a valuable learning opportunity! :rocket:

I actually made this with the help of ChatGPT/GPT4, because I don’t know the Kotlin programming language, or Android development in general. Only a tad bit. I learned a lot from making it and did more code edits myself as it went, but GPT wrote the vast majority.

What I thought would take a couple days (because of how much GPT created on day one) turned into almost a month. So many things to take into account, and the feature list grew.

Download link for now: Download - UploadNow.io


I can’t recommend it atm because it’s giving me weird problems – the alarm doesn’t always sound when it’s supposed to. Which is, you know, kinda important.

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Most professional programmers I know who have tried ChatGPT have said it’s only good for the simplest coding tasks. Anything complex is so buggy it takes longer to fix than to just write it the usual ways. :man_shrugging:

Yeah that bug turned out to be with the code it gave me for finding the next applicable time. It definitely gives bad code semi-regularly, but I wouldn’t have been able to do it at all without its help.

What it needs is an extra step where it reflects on what it just wrote. Because if it gives code and I say hey I think there’s a bug, it’ll say whoops and correct it. Same with “hallucinations”.

I suppose after every answer you could ask it to check its work but that’d be annoying.

The catch is that it doesn’t “know” anything, that’s what trips people up. You can tell it there’s a bug for perfectly good code and it will respond with the same whoops, but probably introduce bugs the second time around, (because your response will cause it to choose a weighting farther away from the initial weight that produced the good code).

To put it another way, it’s a natural language interface for search results, except that extra layer of abstraction makes it much more difficult to ascertain when the results are shitty. :roll_eyes:

You saying there’s a bug has no real meaning, it’s just a negative response that tells it to spit out a new result that’s tangential but still satisfies the original conditions.

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This is cool and all but now swedish please :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Well, when I give it good code it will say it looks fine. It doesn’t imagine bugs or anything.

it’s a natural language interface for search results

That’s not accurate. It can deal with things that have never been said before on the web, and it can reason in a sense. I recommend watching some videos of Lex Fridman / etc discussing LLMs.

You can take one of the current language files and give it to ChatGPT nd ask it to do a similar file or Swedish. I need to add a feature to the app to let you open the txt files or a template file, the problem is just that Android doesn’t naively open txt files in anything.

Right, but if you respond to its own good code telling it there’s a bug it won’t argue, it will simply give you different code, (which becomes increasingly more likely to have a bug the more times you do that because you’re “nudging” it further and further away from the correct output).

I was simplifying drastically for what I assumed was someone who did not understand how they work. Since it seems that you do, there’s nothing more I can contribute except to wish you the best! :joy:

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You can do the same thing with regular text. It’d be nice if it stood up for itself a bit more!

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This should be reliable for use now. Made a ton of improvements.


Authentic Taiwanese app. Teaching about the culture as well as the language

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Remember when you had to ask about 8 people where a shop was that sold study books?

That was only about 15 years ago.