I made bags while incarcerated in Taiwan

Great read.


I can feel the butthurt emanating from the writer’s keyboard.


Nice details.

Modern day slave labor. It’s also like this in the US. You have the “option” to work. If you don’t, they throw you in isolation.

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The guy is smart in ways that don’t matter, and dumb in ways that do. Helpful hints: try and learn how to spell “Asian,” and for someone who’s already done time in prison, d’ya think it might possibly be a good idea not to call yourself a “Smuggler” on your public blog?


I’d rather have these parasites work than feed them with my tax money.

EDIT: the author must be the biggest douche ever. It’s a pity we no longer execute drug smugglers in Taiwan. I would take personal pleasure in preparing the sand pit and last lunchbox for him. What a waste of air !

I’d rather rehabilitate people than put them in an environment and position that will keep going back.

I’ve worked really hard to get inmates back into the work force so they don’t go back. It’s actually really sad one mistake 10 years ago and you’re completely unable to function in society and no one is willing to hire someone with a record and therefore they do more crimes and land back. And do exactly the same things for prisons…slave labor.


Unfortunately, this convicted drug smuggler has managed to convince himself that he’s the victim. He has this romantic notion of himself as an “Azn Han Solo,” an “Intergalactic Smuggler Extraordinaire.” I admire your optimism, but sometimes you need to focus on people who actually want to be helped.


In an earlier blog post on the blog linked in tango42’s post, there are links to some YouTube news clips that apparently have to do with the blogger’s arrest. According to one of the clips (unless I misunderstand), it appears that the blogger was arrested for bringing in six kilograms of cannabis-laced snacks.


Didn’t read the link yet, but he’s the same guy who was roomies in the pen with tattoo face.

I guess you could say this was a little tit for tat.

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The article he wrote is quite nice to read. I loved also his other articles in his blog. Shame what happened to him… but, what fool transports Marijuana by plane? Even though he has a “prescription”, it is not legal in Taiwan. Shame.

Any idiot who tries to get away with transporting, buying, selling or even using MJ in any East Asian country is pretty much asking for prison or deportation. (Which is ironic, because I see so many kids here who wear shirts with MJ leaf outlines on them, and seem to love the associated hip hop culture… but would probably run away scared if someone ever offered them a puff)

Same guy who was complaining about white privilege in Taiwanese prisons… he certainly has a talent for identifying the real problem


I’m going to eat and buy crap from all those places he’s boycotting just to spite him. I’ll even pay the 2 NTD for an extra bag. :smiling_imp:


Remember the British guy with the Taiwan flag tattooed to his face? He was in prison with this guy. I read a bunch of Azn Han Solo’s blogposts back then. I remember thinking that he was right about a lot of things, and yet gives the impression of not trying very hard to stay out of prison in the future.

And yet, any of us might go to prison. No doubt, some of us have already been. It is not right to treat prisoners as un-persons, or whatever the Orwellian term is. Come on, do I need to quote Jesus on this?

I agree it isn’t right to treat prisoners as “non persons” (with some exceptions like murderers, rapists, pedos, heroin dealers, etc). I think saying “any of us might go to prison” is taking things a bit far though.

You never know what kind of situation you might find yourself in.

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