I may be old, but this rocks


I’ve heard that song so many times this year (social media, YT videos, memes etc) that I was shocked to notice it was released in 2019. It feels like it has been around for years.

Edit: I checked the release date because I was going to make a:“2018 or whatever called, they want their fotm song back!”, so the fact that it was released this year btfo me.

That is what makes a catchy classic.

This thread should be young people’s music.

It’s got a catchy beat (great production), but it’s a pretty evil song.


Mandatory Rousseau cover.

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The premise (I may be old, but this rocks) may be a little faulty, as rock is Boomer music.

I may be old, but I like a lot of new music. Some of my daughter’s picks (don’t tell her), and things like this (I know it probably grooves more than rocks, though).



I only heard it for the first time when she performed on SNL not that long ago. They did some pretty neat live camera work where they made it look like she was walking on the walls. I figured they did this because she can’t dance.

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I think you will find it to be appropiated persons of color music.

On YT there’s a few videos of her dancing; i’d say that’s not her greatest talent.

She’s supposedly the standard for the new generation. Supposed to win all the top music awards. Already on many magazine covers.

She is not, cannot be, doesn’t want to be, a skinny dancing sex symbol.

Usually just her and her brother in their living room mixing music.

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I think she rocks and you are all fuddy duddies.

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I already outed her favorably.

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She seems awfully jaded for someone her age.

Whatever, daddio.


She’s the fucking shit, man


She’s got it.

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That’s kind of harsh. I don’t think she’s that bad.