I may be old, but this rocks

I knew you’d break that one out at some point. :grin:

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The first time I heard it I actually wasn’t sure if I was hearing the lyrics wrong. :grin:
It’s got a lot of airplay for sure.


75s? Almost half a century ago. Can we please get up to date?

It’s alright but it’s not PJ is it?



Pshaw. I am TOTALLY into the youngs. I was listening to Billie Eilish back in April, April, damn it! I know it was April because I learned about her from a New Yorker article. Thus proving my youth creds.

Having demonstrated my coolness, I shall dab my way off the stage. Because that’s what we youngs do.

(It was amusing when she came up in one of my university classes a few weeks ago, and all involved had a somewhat discomforting moment of “Wait, this ancient teacher / these musically ignorant students actually like the same song as I do?!” And no one was entirely sure what to make of that.)

Uhh, that song is 23 years old.

She’s got something, but she ain’t my Venus.


(I realize you may have been thinking about Tommy James & the Shondells, but who wants to look at him??)

Woah, that’s way out there, even by my standards! :crazy_face:

Since this is the thread for music that Young People Today listen to, let’s go with that Jello chick, whatever her name is. I mean it’s still sacrilege, but it’s current decade, so it lets us Ancient Ones blend in. :dark_sunglasses:



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Here’s a video of BD:


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The post before mine and the title of the thread make my imagination think it’s possible. This is him in Yilan on a Friday night.

If I fuck off from the office right now you reckon I can get there in time to catch his show??

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I’m playing pool in Zhongli tonight.

Are you sure you don’t mean “playing pool” :howyoudoin:

What, like this?



Belly ache is creepy good from my age.


Two minutes I’ll never get back.

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