I miss North American TV commercials

It seems Burger Ads have gotten a lot better! :astonished:

Paris Hilton: 14 minutes, 30 seconds and counting.

That’s hot.

That’s skanky.


I wonder if they did that video with someone who really does eat at a Carl Jr.'s would there even been a thread discussing this commercial.

I think you mean:
“I wonder if they did that video with someone who really does eat and doesn’t vomit it straight back up would there even be a thread discussing this commercial.”

I never heard of Carl Jr. Are they any good?

[quote=“ImaniOU”]That’s skanky.
[/quote] :bravo: :bravo: :smiley:

Lord Richard asked:

I never heard of Carl Jr. Are they any good?[/quote]Yea they’re alright. I used to love to eat they’re chicken nuggets with this great ranch like dip they had. But also, Carl Jr. is also the company that brought you a big ole E.Coli case back in the early 00’s or late 90’s :astonished:

I don’t understand. Why would I want to get my car washed by this company? The woman washes herself more than the car. Plus, she’s eating a sloppy burger all the while. Hey miss, don’t get any ketchup on the car! That’s just plain ol’ bad advertising.

There was an article in the Herald Tribune about this advert. Apparently a lot of moral/conservative/religious groups want it pulled. :raspberry:

I bet the car washing industry doesn’t, though. If I didn’t know that it was a Carl Jr.'s ad, I would have sworn it was for Turtle Wax.

Turtle Wax…in the buff.

I’d want it banned just to get that moronic skankwhore off the damn television.

I miss North American TV commercials, too. Especially this one. But I should warn you, it may not be not suitable for work!


Dude. Erhu. That isn’t safe for anytime. Dirty!
And Tetsuo, I agree. Not because she is a whore or what not. Just because I think she is SO UGLY.
Nice body except the frog butt.