I miss Taiwan


Tip: Don’t go to India or Indonesia next :grin: Sounds like you need the amenities of a richer, more developed society.


That’s actually pretty funny. You need to learn how to see the humor in all this. Or maybe god is trying to teach you a lesson about forbearance.


your hair turning salt 'n pepper over all these things?


Just pick yourself up and try your luck somewhere else.

Next stop… North Korea! :north_korea: :sunglasses:


Avoid Indonesia.

How’s the non stop…“leaking” issue of yours going? Did the docs fix it?


Actually it sounds more like something a Taiwanese scammer would say. My knee jerk reaction would be to call out scammer and hang up.


So cynical…but you could be right, ha.


Most importantly, how´s your health?

Have they cited any reason for teh Uber ban? For example, Uber is illegal in my old country, won´t be allowed to park anywhere near airports or malls or public places. Official taxi drivers wil beat them up so people do not like them in places where there might be conflict.

I am also familiar with draconian import laws. It is the downside of a devolping country. See when I tell you guys cheap comes with a price?

Someone in the government owns an electronic and household stuff import, hence, all imports of these goods are banned. Therefore, people are forced to shop in his establishment only. See, it does have some logic.

As to the customer as the boss, well, their thinking does not go that far.


It is experience talking. :grandpa:


Have you seen the Forest City place theyre building next to Singapore in JB?


Seen that , yes . government seems not to want to sell to foreign buyers . Two thirds of the buyers were reported to be from China . May not be the quietest place to live . :smirk:


Yup, those are the downsides. Lots of Singapore buyers too though. I wonder how much an apartment goes for, they haven’t posted any prices to my knowledge.


How much weight have you lost so far?

Calves are gonna be tiny now man :confused:


I would leave too.

Where is your next destination?


No need to leave just change rental first, get a better setup, adapt.
When most of us moved to Taiwan we faced way bigger hurdles than that ! I had two severe gastro incidents and a major scooter crash just in the first two years. I was laid up in my back for a week. All the while I couldn’t even speak or communicate in the local language. Still had to work too to survive .

Leaving means what…abandoning the course, put yourself back another year…?


I agree. There are worse fates than living in Malaysia for a couple years. If nothing else, it should be a valuable learning experience.


Yeah me too. I actually managed to crash twice. I think my brain suppressed that memory and your post brought it back.


Again, you are in a new complex and it doesn’t have a management committee yet. It will suck and it will not get better for a long time. Same everywhere in the world.

You don’t need an import permit to buy Bluetooth headphones. They may charge you duty. That is hit or miss. I have ordered stuff about 8 times this year and the package just showed up - no mention of any taxes. And my guard house takes the packages.

But I am sure some packages get flagged for duty. It usually is because the sender didn’t fill out the duty form correctly. I had a friend who had issues because they marked it as a commercial transaction.

I haven’t lived in JB but my Penang and Kuala Lumpur experience is quite different from yours.

Yesterday, I had a flashback to Malaysia. Plumbers / electricians in Malaysia are usually guys with tools as their only qualification.

My place in Taiwan is a fancy and expensive building. The hot water would come on but shut off after a minute. So we called the company listed on the side of the water heater. He came over and checked things out. He said I wasn’t using the shower correctly! He said you can’t have the faucet in the middle. It had to be all the way on the hot side. Really?

So the water coming out was scalding hot even with the setting on the heater at 2. So we turned it down to one. It was still too hot for a shower and way too how for my kids. But he thought it was OK! Yah, live in a 15 million place and you can’t take a decent shower!

I had various local friends on the phone trying to help me. They also were up in arms with the guy. Man, I felt like I was back in Malaysia!


@Icon @IbisWtf

Slightly better now. But still comes and goes.

I was told JB is some kind of food paradise. Food here sucks, everyone here is overweight. Even I’m gaining weight even with constant diarrhea which is a hard feat to do. I eat 2-3x as much and didn’t get in Italy for 2 months. Something is up with the food here. There’s literally no fine dinning here as well. Nothing. I was told there is good Chinese food here, bs. All the restaurants here locals said are good, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, western are all mediocre.

I still feel not great 100%. I don’t feel healthy, I constantly feel sick. Coughing, upset stomach, nausea, fatigue for no reason.


Eh have you been to the doctor? Like, in Singapore?