I must have an Ipod Shuffle

Where can I find one at a reasonable price in the greater Taipei area? I’d like to just pick one up at a store, but haven’t the faintest idea where to look. Worst comes to worst, I’ll order one to a friend’s house in the States and have him ship it here. Come on, Apple, give us a store already!

Um, there’s an Apple store on Zhongxiao W Rd just past Nova.

And why would anyone want an iPod shuffle? They’re ridiculously overpriced, lacking in features, and worth nothing more than wank value. Seriously, why not just by a 512MB flash player for less? At least that’ll have an LCD as well as all the other stuff.

I want it for Itunes integration and because I like its looks. The price premium over other flash players is small and the other features are adequate to my needs.

Thanks for your help, I didn’t realize there was already an Apple store here. I’d heard there wouldn’t be one for some time yet.

none of the stores/retailers here have it yet
and none of the sales assistants are able to tell me when… they say it’s all up to apple :unamused:

I checked about a week ago at an apple store in KHH… the guy said about 3 weeks. So I guess 2 weeks from now, according to him. There’re two stores on Jianguo road… (jianguo? yeah I think so, anyway - where the train station is)

I don’t think there’s anything special about them really. It’s just a flash Mp3 player like you see everywhere in Taiwan. I just have a BenQ player… gets the job done.

i went to the apple store in the k-mall (?) opposite the train station on zhongxiao rd back in january. they said mid to late feb it would be instore. then my power adaptor finally died in a haze of short-circuitry, so i spent my shuffle money on another kind of small shiny white object.

[quote=“She”]none of the stores/retailers here have it yet
and none of the sales assistants are able to tell me when… they say it’s all up to apple :unamused:[/quote]really? My experience is the apple guys here are great service wise. I rang Elvis :sunglasses: from the Jinhua st (near Allycats) store 3 weeks ago to tell him I’m bringing a mate in to buy the Rev C Powerbook and he told me to wait another 2 weeks! Why? I asked. He told me that the rev D upgrades are coming out. I checked out the apple.com site for confirmation and come up dead broke :astonished: Wasn’t sure whether he was shitting me or not. Come to think of it, why would he want to shit me, he just wants a sale doesn’t he. Guess what? They’re here. I’ve since seen countless negative responses on the US apple site about people buying Rev C powerbooks one day before the Rev D realease! They never knew and whether or not the sales rep did, I don’t know. Maybe try them at Jinhua. ‘she’ I’ve seen this comment more than once so l felt compelled to reply. By the way, you can get the ipod shuffle at the yellow 3C stores. The one in Yungho anyway.

According to an article in the Taipei Times, the Shuffle is being sold at 7-11 stores as of Feb-16. This was at select stores though and the article predicted that they would sell out in 2 or 3 days.

yeah… the 7-11 sales ipod-shuffled
but each store that have it only have 2 512mb in HAND
the 1gig one is not even here yet
and … according to 2 of the biggest comp site i go mobile01.com www.pcdvd.com.tw
most of them are sold out…
and i think the 7-11 that carries them are searchable on apple.com.tw
you might want to wait for a little more…
cuz there are some ppl who bought the ipod shuffled from 7-11 but
sells it at a higher price in their own store.

btw. the price 7-11 is selling for 512 ipod shuffled is 3600NTD

and according to apple those ipod shufled are for SELL not PRESELL
some 7-11 might tell you they are presell items…

good luck :smiley: