I MUST make up or NO MONEY for the no teaching day

I have been at these two public schools working for the County Government. I teach grades one through six. The schools pay well as I have a teaching license in my home country. However I have a few problems with the job not to mention Taiwan.

I have been here around half a year. About a week ago I took a sick day. This was the first sick day I took. I called the school before the start and told them I would not come in. They said that was fine.

However, the school now says I must make up for the classes I missed. If I do not make them up they will take a days pay from my salary.

I think this is ridiculous. But they ensure me- and I am confident that the regular teachers must also make up for missed classes too.

It really is not a big deal as I can make them up at school- and I would be just at my desk on office hours during the time I will do these make up classes. But, I still think this is extremely silly. Perhaps I am too ethnocentric in my scholastic envisioning.

On a positive note the students are well behaved and positive. Further, some teachers are very helpful as well. But, I still think the idea to make up the lessons is strange. Can someone PM me and tell me about how their public school works in these matters? Or if you like comment directly below…

As a full time teacher. you are allowed 7 sick days with pay per year. That said, they may consider you a part time teacher thru some fancy contract juggling thereby negating this erm, perk. If you want to make a thing out of it, you will put yourself on a slippery slope of dissent. You could complain to the CLA, but it’ll more than likely cost you your reputation with your school. You say you enjoy the work, so I guess you’ll prolly have to bite the grain of salt.

Thanks Toe … it is time I would otherwise just be at my desk… SO it is not like I will work extra - in a sense - In fact I almost never do my full teaching time per week as my adult students, educators, do not always come to my class so I am left to feel hurt and unwanted at my desk for the afternoon. Formosa is not as good for my pride as Korea, but then maybe some do not like all the attention.

Ahhh I guess I will do them- just so the boss men feel they are still the bomb ( I bet they wish they could not come in too and take a sick day but they can not. )

More of a pain (for me anyway) are these recently created “holidays,” created by adding extra days to national holidays, thus creating long weekends. Only problem is, you have to “make up” these days, by working the following Saturday.

I[color=blue] also have to make up missed hours for classes when I’m sick, unless I hire a substitute to teach the class for me. I’m contracted to teach a certain number of hours, and the students have to receive that certain number of hours. So it’s fine to call in sick and miss class, but I must make up those hours missed. I usually get together with my class for tea and a chat, or have a class party to make up hours at end of each course anyway. Besides, I will miss my students when I am sick, so I look forward to spending more time with them [/color](just in case any of my students read this forum :slight_smile: )