I need a free flight-ticket TW-HK & HK-TW

[color=black]Please, I need a free-of-charge go-return flight-ticket Taiwan-HongKong. [/color]

You need a free ticket to HK? Do you want us to start a fund to purchase it for you?

Sounds like someone forgot to plan ahead for a visa run

I need a free ticket from Taipei to Hanoi return for two. Preferably Business Class.

And a free room at the Metropole for a week. Or so. Cheers.

oh yes, I need a free trip to Bali, make that for the whole family… second thought, just me…he heh heh heh

I don’t have a ticket but I have one of these…


Come on, give this guy some useful advice! :wink:

  1. Can you play golf? I know someone who won a free-to-anywhere business class ticket in a golf championship. Would be a bit of a shame to use it on a TPE-HKG flight, though.
  2. Read the “gigolo”-thread.

If you study at CLD, they’ll give you one. You must return it as soon as you get back into Taipei though.

Wait just outside the terminal entrance (runway side). When the plane starts moving, jump onto the wheel legs and hold on tight. This way you can stow yourself in the undercarriage bay and eliminate the need for a ticket.
Make sure you dont fall out upon landing gear re-extension.


1). Make sure the pilots or other airport staff dont see you.
2). Can get windy on take off or landing.
3). Wear warm clothing, as it can get cold.
4). Try not to get squashed by hydraullic equipment.
5). Wear a James Bond suit and bow tie for dramatic effect.

Whatever it is you’re smoking, please pass it along. TYVM :beatnik:

It’s actually possible.

You know you can crew on all kinds of flights, right?

I’ll see if I can find the link. …

Do something to get deported! Voila free ticket!

Don’t remember the companies name but there was a travel agent on Tun Hwa Sth Rd. a few months back that was giving away free tickets to anyone who asked for one as long as your named began with a letter from the alphabet. :noway:

Not sure if they are still in business, however they did seem to be really busy last time I was in there :stuck_out_tongue:

Next time I’m in the area I will check & confirm the address if they are still about :wink: