I need a specialist!

Is there an organization which offers help in locating a specialist or hospital. We need a urologist but can’t seem to find one. Well that is a lie as we did find one who had a private clinic and would charge us 70,000 for the use of his services. We are just poor folks living abroad and are not able to pay so much cash. Any help would be great. I wish there was a referal network or something…

anyone else had to seek out some special help and found what they were looking for.


there is a large urology hospital on qianguo s rd, west side, just south of hoping (Heping).

You haven’t explained your situation very well. Do you have National Health Insurance? If not, why not? Does NHI cover the medical treatment which you now need? If not, why not?

Also . . . . be sure to go to one of the larger hospitals and get a “second opinion” about the malady in question . . . . . . .

I am sure that I sound a bit vague but I am trying to get some help without disrespecting my husband and his privacy. We would like to have another child and need to see a specialist to make it so… I also feel that a second opinion is a good idea as in this case a poorly qualified practitioner could be a lifelong problem. Thanks for the advice.