I need a trumpet and trombone player for ska band

Hi this is andrew again. I posted a message a while back looking for players for a ska band. I got nearly everyone I need. What I have so far is a drummer, bass player, keyboardist, guitar, two saxophones and a percussionist. The members are American, Japanese, Argentinian and Tawianese. This again is a semi serious ska- reggae- rocksteady band whos looking to have a kick ass summer playing around. So if you play or know anyone who does please, please let me know. I don’t care even if you don’t know what ska is. If your background is jazz or blues or even if you haven’t played for ten years and that was in the highschool marching band… that’s fine.

My contact is



or just call me at


I’m also looking for a really good lead guitar player who can walk over the rhythem guitar

also later on I’m want to find some back up singers, two or three good female voices to be on top of the music.

I know the band sounds big but thats what we want…

thanks again

How serious is this? Cus ive played trombone for 5 years, but havent touched it in the last 8 months…

I might be interested. Don’t know if I would classify myself as being really good and i’ve never played or entretained the idea of playing ska but I like some ska/punk and older marley ska. I’m in the process of picking up a guitar and would love to get out and play. john